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Saturday there was no real stand out. I didn't think. Maybe our service center on the quiz just on a bit of a lower level. For now, what I think he is going to make up into a really, really good top level stay in chaser. If you didn't get the chance to see chips or yesterday, there was a horse there of John U.S. called Mumbai genius oh yes. He won the two ten and it was just showing three more stages in one last time as well or offensive in Newcastle. This is an absolute giant of a harsh. But he looks like a proper bit of kiss. Doesn't do anything in a hurry, but he looks quite classy and I was quite impressed with the way he won yesterday because you could just tell by the way John Joe was rewriting them. He just wanted to hang on to this horse for as long as he could and even jumped over the last you never said he's going to win by a 5 lens. He did 30 20 lens back to the target. I actually highlighted a horse as well as sorry to harp back to it, but it was I think it was last Monday at most of our answers. It could have been sorry I'm just going to try and dig about here, but it was our horse in the got it here now a horse of Nikki Richards who won the bumper most of our last Tuesday. Now Oli Murphy take and if you look there so that the past inspection. So I'd say he was keen to get it on, but he had a horse in the bone bro one is going to point usual crack cost 300 grand, but he actually cost a 145 grand as a younger horse so he's obviously quite a nice individual of Florida dreams of Nikki Richards, a horse by doyen, making his debut. What's your own fancy 11 to one? Or gone through the wings of the second or last, this fellow is going to be fourth at best. And Callum Billy, who was on board or sorry going at minimum. I just gave him a couple of smacks, but the way this horse quickened once he got in between the wings of the last line and to go on nail, the solid Morphy harsh activity on the line and eastern junction was a first runner for Donald McCain for the north Haley center to get him nova spoken about how well sourced these horses are. He was third, and he was a horse who had pointed to point farm as well. So just to get very, very solid form, but the second and the third had had runs, or as the winner was making his debut. So I would put him into your notebook going forward because he really ran right through the line. Very strong Florida dreams. Yeah, and I know that active authority was seen as a solid moral. Isn't that right? And yet for the dreams was just a little bit too good for him. So definitely a horse to put into your tracker. And that almost brings us back around to the previous topic because the jockey of the runner up active authority was given a four day ban for use of the whip and the incorrect place. Horse that you would take forward from the weekend Barry Cole. A little bit of a less surprising one here. I think law of envoy was very good at the end of the weekend, as I said, not many horses come up to hill well there. On Saturday, I thought she was very impressive. Around about 5 to one to win the mayor's Atlanta look at that race that could quite quickly fall apart. Holy smokes still in there. She's obviously going to go to the champion hurdle if she's back to her best if she's not the record she's not going to run again. Brandi love, we just don't know. We don't know where she is. Where she's going to turn up. I don't know. What's going to happen? So I think love and boy around about 5 to one, at least we know she's heading for the mayor's order. We know she's in good form. She was one or two starts this season. She's heading for another race, Warwick, so all as well. I thought she was very good at the weekend and obviously she is

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