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Timing fortunate on sorry. Stan. That. He's gonna get mad again. He's gonna get mad at me mice. I am. She is serious. Look at them. That's all right. The magic creative content. We always stop when the magic creative content is there. What does it say? There's two God looky looky. What are the three? Most interesting things about James harden as of January twenty four two thousand nineteen. God what a coincidence. Magical powers. So go ahead stand the third-best hot basketball. Now get to throw in America's face is. Well, actually, Stu gods stole my one about the unassisted baskets. So we'll go with last night. Jake's became the first player since March of two thousand to score sixty points and grabbed fifteen rebounds in the same game. Week effort because to God's look. It's never a good thing for your now gets Dan when you say Stu gods had the thought before I really it's no good. Let's be honest. I stole it from somewhere. I know you. Guts it's nine thirty four mountain. Lashing out of the second best nugget from STAN Van Gundy about James harden, which makes it about the ninth best Naga because he's had nothing, but James nuggets, he's on the James harden. He's like what what Windhorst LeBron standing Gundy? James harden? Go ahead. What's your second? Best talking. Not only is James harden. A great player. He's the hero of the analytics guys who only want players to shoot free throws layups in threes last night in New York, you became the first player in league history to shoot twenty three's in twenty free throws in the same game. That's a good one. Stan you should be proud of that one give you a hard time. But that was a good one. And finally, the best James harden nugget from this week is. Speaking of hardens, free throw attempts. He shot twenty five last night and leads the league shooting almost twelve again, focus on him being given calls as a major reason for his success. But the fact is if.

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