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And I said, oh, you're staying at the same house. He goes. Yeah. Yeah. I think so. And then I waited for the endanger you've got to come up there. And I got a role for you. I didn't get that. And of course, we do know that the next movie that I'm in Santa buys me, a car and actually is a lot xactly. I didn't get in the movie in Italy with him in Anniston. And I go, okay. Was in Italy. I've course couldn't take time off to go do that. That's why that didn't happen. But this time around. I didn't hear from Sandler. I didn't get the invitation yet. Yes point that phone call from Sandler is what we call. A this invitation who you are specifically not asked. No, I was in person with I was having lunch with even more. So. Yeah. And I thought when you had lunch. That's when deals are made. And apparently, none. But if if I'm in it, then you guys are at it. Yeah. Mclovin. It's assumed figure I don't even think he ate. I don't know. I massachusetts. He didn't say anything that was like, oh, hey, you're gonna love your part. Danny got a script for you. When you initially said getting the boys back, you're gonna forget meant Dan of the dannettes you meant other nowhere already together. It I didn't know you met Chris rock, and Tim meadows and Welsh not. Meant us. Oh, no. I I have to wait until I get my role. And I remember we got excited a while back when he was talking about he was going to get on horses or something we all going to be Cowboys. There's gonna be some fight scene. You you don't want that time I wouldn't be going riding horse. You don't want that mclovin? The critical reception of us walking across the parking lot in the week of has been overwhelming. He can't ignore that kind of the way we started across the parking for point seven seconds. But you were in the movie thickly. I almost gave his life for that role. Oh, here we go. Sorry. Okay. I fell ill. I I've gotten angry before. But not that angry not not with you guys because it was cold. It was rainy, and we're shooting this scene, and a, you know, fritzy put on I think shorts and a polo shirt. And like you you weren't dressed correctly for this. No, I started getting chills, and I have found a better place to to deal with whatever fever and stuff was going on that rainy day. But you you just waited for somebody to like help you pick you up or something. I said Todd you're grown, man. I guess I was concerned that like I didn't wanna miss out on the scene that we were waiting all all those hours to be if I just wanted somewhere, then I would found it after the fact that they did the scene without me or something. Yeah..

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