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Twenty four degrees in Boston at twelve noon. I'm Ben Parker. Here's what's happening. Watch out. We've got some winter weather all the way a couple of batches of winter weather, in fact, one far worse than the other overnight tonight. They'll be a little snow which could leave an inch or two of accumulation. But the big worry here that's impossible slick travel for the commute tomorrow morning. Then a winter storm watch already posted for Saturday afternoon through most of Sunday WBZ TV meteorologist, Harold Wroblewski says this thing is going to be the real deal hefty snowfall accumulations juicy storm. Now, we're looking at mainly afoot. Or higher for much of central and northern New England keeping an eye on all of this for you. We are expecting this storm you start with that heavy snow. There will be some big thing. Even changing the rain near the coast, the highest snowfall totals will be north and west a foot or more. And of course, WBZ we'll keep you posted all throughout it. First responders battle the elements this morning in Bedford firefighters braving icy waters at oak grove cemetery for the second time this week WBZ's Chris explains what they were doing today all told it took less than one minute from the moment. The I scream for help bellowed through the cold still air until the fire crews from Medford had the pretend victim out of the water. That's right for ten because this was just a drill. So why braved the freezing cold and frigid waters, captain, Mike Roesler of Medford fire? You only learn by doing it. That's the way this fire service works you want to get the most experienced go out there. Now, the men joked at times, but this was no laughing matter says, captain Rosa to be familiar with this time of year with ice rescue is a very important on Sunday. We had a father and daughter skating, the ice went through the ice..

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