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Of old people it is a geriatric a party the democrats idea of a fresh faces elizabeth warren a b what is she sixty eight sixty naido of bernie sanders the you all know the other fresh face and they democratic party nancy pelosi nancy pelosi has been the democrats house leader friday how long either majority or minority leader depending on whether they're in power or out of power in the house at a particular time but she's been their house leader for for a long time and she's led them into defeat and into uh we have a distinct minority status at least as of the of the president and periodically you'll hear reports that there are house democrats who are planning d'amato rebellion against her and try to replace her as the democrats leader but it never seems to come to anything and nancy pelosi persists year after year after year and when you listen to her talk now you know you can hardly believe it she's like maxine waters maxine waters the same way not coherent doesn't make any sense often wrong about fundamental facts have as a very difficult time just just speaking coherently in front of reporters and i wanna i wanna play a audio of nancy pelosi the that was recorded late in the day on friday she's talking to reporters and she's attacking the trump administration she wants to talk about the russia story which of course the democrats used to distract attention from everything else in washington and the clip is about a minute twenty seconds long and i want to play at an as we listen to adjust in it is cuts in and out its excerpts from from her talking to reporters in as you listen to it just think about a couple of things number one how how old and how inner ticu let that she is what a difficult time she has coming up with with the words that she's looking for and never to how the things that she has told make any sense then when we come back we're going to talk about it some more let's let's role the tape the actions of.

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