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Tuesday night you can go see me it's not it's not that simple la is theaters very compact it was fun though you enjoy doing it was fifty second four what was it third floor lowered it because not as many days so well la's less of a vertical well that's great you enjoyed it had a great time you went up after the break or do you want to get into this right now i can't imagine we have anything more to say about jonah's magin more than covered all right john ross bowie is thrilled that he's he's a great show of course he's everybody on television with the tv show speechless doing a great job over there my family loves it one of the one of our goto that we we enjoy watching the house enjoy that one nice we did recently wack another show which i'm not gonna mention my name we've we all day you look each other episode when we're done with this one right and oliver's his words not mine has been funny in a while oh westworld and bottle beach body on demand hayes the company behind p ninety x in saturday the twenty one day vicks t twentyfive which i personally endorse toni t sean sean sean t t stance for time you're gonna save it brazil butler that's the name of one pyeho hip hop abs three week yoga retreat and more is an easy to use streaming service with instant access to a variety of affective workout workouts including bodybuilding way training cario but a building bodybuilding get back.

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