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And around the world I'm Ron bar good avenue with us here on this edition a sports byline we're GONNA be talking football, high school, and college football. When it comes to college football, one of my favorite announcers todd blackledge I think he does an excellent job, the former quarterback who led Penn state to the National Championship. And he was picked in the first round seventh overall of the nineteen eighty-three nfl draft by the chief where he played five years and then he later played for the Pittsburgh steelers a couple of years and he was a three year starter at Penn. state for Joe Paterno and he guided the nine to thirty one and five record including a national championship in nineteen eighty two years said he also won the Davey O'Brien award for best quarterback in the nation and he played his high school football in Canton Ohio which if you know anything about. That part of the country a little bit like Texas where it's a a passionate sport same way in Ohio as well and as I said, he was the seventh bic in the first round of that eighty-three NFL draft and that was a big time draft because he was picked behind John Elway. But ahead of Dan Marino and there's always in great discussion about that and then later on, we're GONNA be talking some high school football. If you've seen the the movie that is out about Bob, Laddis Sore and day Lasalle High School, which is The most successful high school football played in the country the ever almost every season, and he certainly is one of those accessible coaches in the national high school hall of fame and the numbers tell the story he had a record get this three, hundred, ninety, nine, wins, twenty, five losses, and three ties is ninety three point eight percent winning percentage is a national record for coaches with at least two hundred wins. He coached Lasalle to a national record, one, hundred and fifty one game win streak more than double the previous record of seventy two games. He won seventeen state and eight high school national championships, and he said some pretty good players. The NFL twelve to be exact including Armani Tumor Dj, Williams and Maurice Jones drew, and he also has written a football teaching book. This is pretty good if you're out there teaching are interested in the technique of a high school football teaching chasing perfection the principles behind winning football the day Lasalle way. So it's going to be a very interesting our we'll kick it off in just a second talking with former quarterback, todd blackledge on America's sports talk. Show. Shell.

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