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He's done it all so for me. I just walked with it. Then when it got into the stunt business. You had led to be able to. I would tell you the stunt you wanted to do. And then he'd give you a machine to do it on. But he couldn't do the trick. So, you know, I spend time sometimes figuring out how to make that vehicle do that trick or survive it or do over noble again. So I just loved that part of it. And then honestly, don't your poster on the wall. Everybody wants that faira faucet girl with the land bridge easy. You know, so you had to find a way to get back and have that car. So at turned into me wanting to build my own toys, so I could have my couldn't go spend a million dollars car. I build a million dollar call. Well, you know, and, you know, talking about toy makers now, I mean, you know, which kind of segue into that. I mean, you know, I got a question here. I mean, you guys builds they're all over the place. I mean, how does how do these things come up? I mean, you have an idea. How do these ideas get put together because you've got everything from drift trikes dragsters to, you know, I don't know. There's a million things in between we? Yeah. But how do these ideas? I mean, how do these ideas get hatched? Everybody. I know all doing I got us builders. I trans- what they all fall equipped match. I can tell you who paints. What the she by looking at the job. So same thing with when you come to my world these guys deal with dodgers. He's got it would be. So these guys that guy every year, I built something figure out like right now, we're big trouble to season. Finale cars this year are so crazy. I there's no way I can tough it. There's no way. Rome. Okay. So t. And it was we make. I'm not prejudiced. I don't care if it's a shopping. I don't care if it's a gold card photo cycle. Doors slam. Toys. So so me to be way outside the blacks. After years I have to do next year..

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