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Smart touch the edge of his mouth is he not like using agreement with so many the next thing he said was something really strange. It's been a while since that day. Sam my memory is foggy but remember it being something like hospitals to tell you. Remember my face during the masic. What i said as i turned to facing squarely brother must've heard the changing my tone of voice. He leaned over to yell. Pass my fdr. Keep your mouth shut. Z. ami handle these pigs. Zeke considered his brother calmly replied. He'll be all along when you die. Brother towards is widened my soap pure fear flash across his face he scoffed and try to play it off by laughing but i could see through his bravado. His brother scattered him long story short. Both brothers came back. Clear warren's the original nine one one call a wanted to remain anonymous miss meant we had no witnessed any alleged illegal activity with nothing to hold them for. We let them loose. I do remember one more creepy things. He examined whenever uncuffed through back to their car. Tug went for driver's seat and zeke went to sit in the seat behind him. I'm your chauffeur. Now bash tut us angrily. Zeke was staring at something in the passion deceit. Well shaking his head slowly now. D- reply coolly. He's already sin not gonna make him mad. He's been stare you all day took sent something. Muffled ezekiel got into the driver's seat. As they drive away. I could see zeke sitting in the back off turned and pointing at something beside his brother in the passenger seats before they pull out of earshot. I hit her back into scream profanities at his brother. So that's the previously on the tv. Show of my. That was my first. Running with zeke. Night seemed i was racing to him again. He is linked to seeks. Little origin. story always sat different with me never encountered him in person after that initial contacts but one of his exploits would always reach me. Now duly woman had a dog. Tim by the two brothers. She was beaten in wrong. Then call the cops until a week later. Because her grandson made her she was too terrified to give a witness statement but the grandson told me the entice street news and turn now to a birthday. Party cancelled win. Zeke popped out of the woods and started firing a shotgun in the air spent the rest of the night trying to really know trigger. Happy relative looking physique in the woods call away ninety percent. New zeke calling dispatch and threatened to kill sheriff recorded lines. He was mad. His brother had been arrested. Crawler was to. I was arrested by neighboring county. Not whose evidence. Zeke was sliding further and further to the dachshund. He was the red letter my batman. I can never catch up with him. He just left problems from me to deal with now. Maybe i had him. I could physically put cuffs on my gp said. I was ten minutes out from the cold house. It's going to be a little longer. Because of the down poll visibility was low and could feel my right trying to hydroplane. A few times was about two minutes out row before me just seem to disappear. White lies just vanished as water flooded the road turning on my take down. Lights didn't reveal whether high water ended. So i stepped out of my car to take a better look dot com. I could hear was a sporadic thumping of droplets hitting my raincoat. The mechanical back-and-forth of my wife is in overdrive before me was a flat plane of water rippling from millions of rain. Trump's every few seconds the ari would illuminate with lightning. Showing me the continued around the bend in the room. Oh my mind went back to the. Ps one days of silent hill. First thing i did is a terrified. Fifth-grader try to leave the town to find an endless off. In the dense fog had the similar feeling of dread now but this time is an impromptu lake nona cliff now is running towards the danger not away from it was weighing my options in could sit at leading dispatch. It was impossible. I was in charge. Not a talkshow. Maybe zeke found somewhere else to stay dry. I mean i mean hey hasn't broken any laws yet. I fall began to ring was dispatched. Before i could even say hello. I was met with you that yet. Deputy around the corner is he's back. My dispatch shouted. She sang his kicking the door and beating on the windows. I can hear threaten into harder in the background. This moment. only one course of action was clear. I guess i'd be swimming if i had slowly. But steadily submerged my vehicle into the dot watermelons praying wouldn't drown out as the waters rose to about two feet. High around me. Water began seeping in from the bottom to the doors. Made my way around the bend in the road could see lamb before me as a began to get more traction pull up out of the ward gas my vehicle to give it one last lush to exit the water spin out into the muddy rome. A hit the brakes to get a quick layout of my surroundings. The red stop sign of a full way into sation reflected back at me now in a small residential community. Gps told me. The courthouse was across the intersection and three houses down on the left to see through the downpour. But i could see the road disappear under the water again got out and began to war housing. Going to risk getting my car stuck and trapped in the driveway. A slush forward tension began to build in the back of my net silent. Lightning would periodically illuminate me and a sea of ripples cold feeling surrounded my phones a black hole opened in my stomach sucking all confidence from me. I was new scab before but fight or flight always set in with a burst of nervous energy. This was surreal. I felt like i was dreaming. A felt dread felt alone. A was in water up to my knees. When i reached the are i finally got some high ground. The closer came to the front door squished around my laughter. My right checking. The size of the house house was a double size trailer elevated three feet off the ground on still at woke up steep steps to knock on the door sheriff's department. I yelled over the rain. A jump down with a splash of the narrow steps and scan the dodgers. i heard rumbling. The doors opened a couple of inches. I could see a feminine face. Peeking out at me calc- badger something came fearful voice. I caught my head at this before. I realized i was completely covered in my yellow wyatt up. Rank bought my trenchcoat and shell my flashlight on my badge and judy ballot. He was here just now. She said nervously is dotted back and forth scanning the darkness. I could hear the frantic cries of a child from deeper in the house. Lock the door but stay by for me. I'll check around.

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