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To get it by another hurricane just two weeks after the last one cbs's david begg now is in san juan puerto rico there are about four hundred and fifty filters that are open and available and some of those shelters have people in them from hurricane erma and they expect that those people will stay through maria especially since the uh the fear factor quite honestly is significantly higher with this store marie as a categoryfour storm is expected to make its first hit tonight on the island of dominica before moving toward puerto rico tomorrow a former evergreen state professor who is at the center of tense protests earlier this year will be getting five hundred thousand dollars to settle a lawsuit against the college state representative jim wall says he's disappointed the administration allowed the conflict to go on so long college is problematic but wary that they could y'all will get electoral defeat at howard university is problematic and we still need to fix some of the problems that exist but that campus even though the professors family or is introduced a bill that would require state colleges and universities to support the free speech of students and faculty or risk losing in their state funding it's been four days and the search for a russian businessman continues near north bend the fifty eight year old was hiking with friends to gold meyer hot springs thursday the got separated on the way back to their car sergei charikov was only wearing shorts and a tshirt didn't have any food or water and recently suffered a head wound like it or not more and more people are getting their first tattoos and body piercings before they turn eighteen so the american academy of pediatrics says issuing their first guidelines for body modifications in youth dr core brunner with the you'd up school of medicine is the lead author a place in their pets is is a huge controversial issue because many people want other people to say they're tattoo tattoos but sometimes against in the way of employment among the recommendations that kids make sure they're immunizations are uptodate before going under the needle and that they consider tattooing over branding because that is not as heavily regulated and can be more dangerous a check on your drive now with tara radio realtime traffic realtime travel times.

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