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I'm ready for you buddy. And if you have eighty thousand strong weightman chant that name again waiting to see schwartz outside. Gosh how does he not come back. Yeah the chiefs avenue need that experience works. Well just one more here. We turn to page with three rookies now next year. Yeah me schwartz moreton. I don't think he wants eighty thousand people trying to kiss him bill matt. I'm sorry i get it. i like. I like to be your name here. Eighty thousand dudes kids them. Mon- come on come. I've got the locks electees my hair of the whatever. Bring them fried butter. I'll bring him butter grill. That's the way way that is sterling. The one move that you would like to see the chiefs may maybe other than signing mitchell. Schwartz what would it be. bring me just in. Houston ring him to mean. I want this. I i don't i kind of do but i don't understand fans who are so angry with justin houston. It pisses me off the same reason. I get pissed off and people talk bad about tony. Gonzalez he was so good for so long. He says one comment that was kind of taken out of context. Ever and run with it. And just banishes. Tony g. as in atlanta falcon like stop it..

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