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Their 2021 season today, but New England weather got in the way. Opening day for the Sox will now be tomorrow it to 10 when they welcome fans back into Fenway Park and host the Baltimore Orioles Sox manager Alex Cora was asked today if he was disappointed by the postponement. I know there's a lot of guys that were very excited, but I think it's for the best of luck tomorrow. It will be a better day. You know whether wise, the fans can really enjoy it. We can go out there and and enjoy it, too. But from my in I'm just happy to be talking to you right now. For obvious reasons, so we that can wait 24 more hours. Cora also said picture red water. Rodriguez will start the season on the injured list and the Bruins get back on the ice. Tonight. They'll host the Pittsburgh Penguins at seven o'clock. Rookie goalie Dan Bladder will get this started net. Brian Antonelli WBZ Boston's news radio 5 13 traffic and weather together, the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes, Mike where we're gonna start in a start south of the city here banned the South bound expressway is just crawling out of the O'Neill tunnel right down towards South Bay and then from around Brian Dad down to the Braintree split. While the north downsides backed up well before granted, have a past Neponset then coming up towards the tunnel to checking out that lower end of route 1 28, the WBC news radio traffic copter. Well, from what I could see here in the need of flats. Things look pretty good heading down past Kendrick Street. Great play now. No big delays on either done around East three to Route one. Sometimes that is their problem spots. Not this afternoon. It is a little heavy, both sides of reach 93 that section of road that used to be called 1 28. And that's heavy around reach. Funny for I'm Kristen AC in the WBC news radio traffic copter he has speaking of 24 South. It is stopping Go at the beginning, but it's much better down in that Bridgewater Raynham stretch delays through Milton, This is 1 38 south. It's backed up for Miles. Who, Milton, This is a crash coming in before you get down to 93. Up to the North. Won 28 North bound, backed up in Woburn coming up past 93. But now we come to expect that roots three and 93 north or pretty good. All the way up to the New Hampshire line. Route One looks good. A past Lynn Fells Parkway downtown. The Tobin Bridge. Outbound has already eased out. Mr. Rowe drives backed up a little bit coming into Lefferts Circle it slow on the leopard up ramp. The lower deck and the second bridge. You're fine of the mass Pike West. Bounds. Good until you get out to Auburn. There is some stop and go with the crash cleanup out after two Dinty my king WBC's traffic on.

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