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The fourday wbz accuweather forecast meteorologist jerry should ever joining us now carry we anticipated we'd be into the worst of it as we approached evening has that in fact turned out to be the case well you know i think one of the big things here heading into the evening is going to be the temperature a writ right around the freezing mark in boston certainly to the north and west it's a lower than that and down to our south temperatures are above the freezing mark in fact we're seeing rain on the cape ann islands right now but the temperature is going to be a factor you're here was slippery spots developing on roads as we head through the evening and that'll caused some problems of snow is gonna followed varying intensity as we head through the early part it to my probably tapering off later on tonight meanwhile on the islands with said nantucket for instance may be mostly rain tonight meanwhile on the cape could be a transition from ray into a mix or even some are wet snow later on tonight i think early tonight it's primarily rain in a southern areas especially three to six inches and metro boston total accumulation one to three on the south shore and according to an inch on the south coast in cape but once you start heading up across parts of central middlesex county toward wooster and also law and we're going to be seeing amounts that exceed six inches and that's where some of the highest amounts will occur on accu weather i'm meteorologist carry sweated hammer wbz newsradio 1030 roida we of a temperature of thirty two degrees in boston as the season of giving this year please consider making a donation to the franciscan children's park project for a child's play opens up a.

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