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The breast the son of Louis depressed former NHL player and a great guy does TV work out west with the usually with the Edmonton Oilers group who likes to say as sons got all the skill Louis was a fall break thank you for a big man in the course of action is take the press seven a season seventeen goals on the year the game against the Vancouver Canucks prior to that he had a four game point streak including three goals in the three previous for the win against the Vancouver Canucks who said that they didn't have their a game in that one okay as tough as little as he's got a heart of gold really good guy and a great mentor for his son he was telling his son Jake when they could just turn pro you're going to be that kid that gets in early you're not gonna do the crazy stuff you're going to follow their instructions do everything they say and look what happened Jacobs up of the National Hockey League thanks Dan he says Conor Murphy had knocked down from behind the Bruins get the puck back turn the green zone missing a head of the left wing side and it's back deeper into the Bruins all but Coleman back to Charlie thirty percent rice David Campbell flip it over the line left corner to McEvoy who takes it away and spins it behind the net around the Great Seal of the left wing side shouted across to recuperate side for cool maneuvers fail the puck at center ice can't take the puck into the rooms on the left wing check by McEvoy off the part then I sit over there on the far side by the blanket on grisly rooms get the heart the owners reports put the put down to the corner thank you he took it away Senate passed up the right we'll try to pass across the retek dust like coral hawk line the group looked down the left wing before the puck at a a pass up the right site the campus center a student regular plain sight leave that for from September leave that for kids who fires at the flex the stick of in a bid to the protective netting I just feel like just he is going to pick up one the seven nine ninety nine career goals he's got four hundred and ninety nine career of success with the system he picked up last night against the wild five hundred and ninety eight career points it's a milestone here big game will get him it's a decent numbers even the numbers one hundred five hundred six hundred I think specific goals right from the draw James got the puck at the left point spread descended toward the dock of the way through doc grabs the puck now behind the Boston put it into the right record leave it there for Kirby Dr music was tapped from behind the Bruins get the puck back first Wagner October the right wing sci fi is a long shot that misses the net what made the whole long before ports were Kirby documents taken down awkwardly there will finally called Anton plead with the puck in the left corner trying to shake the check the Kirbys Dr leave at the left circle in the.

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