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A b five fellowship for his contribution to british cinema in recent weeks dozens of women of accused him of sexual assault and harassment the trend of raising backyard chickens is causing a soaring number of illnesses from poultry related diseases since january about a thousand people had contracted salmonella poisoning from chickens induction 48 states more than two hundred hospitalized one died this from the centers for disease control will now that too federal courts have this week blogs president trump from enforcing his latest travel ban what's next matchup petoskey examines this in the washington post enjoys mel live on the komo news light thanks matt uh the white house i'm i'm guessing sure to appeal these decisions this week oh absolutely justice department already bear date plans to appeal i'm not certain that it all come week though that i would say that very likely they've got who cohort that they have to appeal in may lost in both hawaii in maryland did to get the ban into affected they wanted you're going to have to run the table they'd have to win in bulk play the next step is to appeal i expect that will happen sooner rather than later so at this point no sign that the administration will give up now were eventually on this i guess you to pretty key campaign promise yeah i don't think they will certainly there bateman packer gerber first judge ruled against them the latest go round indicated that they're going to fight that thing and i mean this measure unlike the last two at a lot more permanent gerda temporary ban law they can assess policy decisions dishes to where it's all coq that go back down from one i think what really be sort of politically damaging it would be cut up going back arm improper before we talk about how this would affect those people who would be affected by this ban let me take this appeal step one more down.

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