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Ways so your car time five eastern fox will announce who the candidates are for thursday's debate that's the cut off any way for the the polls i would imagine they will have that compiled by then i don't know what shows on at that time of day they haven't said which polls are using it now and they're fudging a little bit i think so i wonder if they're they're just like for instance really enthused about getting carly fiorina and they want if i won were she's doing well use as a technicality don't think they could find poll i don't think she's close enough but yeah it's it's a little on cool oh thing i'm not going uncomfortable for wider the whole national primary idea now when north unless you think it's a good idea to have what it's a terrible idea no matter how you look at people people polled nationally are barely paying any attention the people in iowa and new hampshire have met these people personally right why don't you ask them but anyway so we'll find out safter noon probably discuss a little bit then the debate on thursday we've been getting the cause of bullying wrong this whole time spent an awful lot of anti bullying books psa tv shows out there lately is mostly coming from the gay community isn't isn't that what's been driving that a lot of your idea they've via the there's a lot of that yeah i'm anti bullying perisher and in gateway kids boys in particular do get picked on thoughtful.

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