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Cds if they're on consignment so labels are just going to send them their distribute distributors aren't gonna cinema there anymore just a cell dargis saying you own them they're still your cds will selam and give you your cut yet no more we're not by they don't have a cd buyer anymore they're not going to buy these cds and in stock them and make money only if they sell them what does this world coming to well and so uh so many record labels now even are saying to bands hey we're not going to presser cd anymore that was a big thing was atlantic or even a new day under are under as we ascends deal uh they press our cds they have a manufacturer that manufacturers them and then we get them from the label and and sell them it shows or whatever they distribute them to stores because doors aren't selling them as much they're just not selling these labels are saying we're not going to make cds anymore it's just a big waste of money it's a waste of time when most of all the money that we're making are coming from online digital sales downloads or strains which streams now are the most popular way for people listen to music and i have to be honest i'm not listening to a month downloading and be 3's i don't download anything to my phone i don't download anything of a computer a very rarely would i unless a need it for some reason but i'm streaming through apple music that's the company i choose to use um they pay their artist better and they have a wider selection in my opinion of songs that i wanna here uh in in my car i'm streaming via bluetooth or knocked cable sometimes the mostly bluetooth straight and it has my cart newsflash does not have a simpler and that's not uncommon uh for the last few years now all auto manufacturers have been phasing out the.

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