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These sports leader. no. Yeah. Greatest Christmas song of all time. That's right. I said it. Oh, after talking to you right here. It is time for number eight. All of Famer Steve Young Steve, What's up Funky cold Medina? Yeah. Wow. Wow. Going tone. Look well, it took my breath away. He's got a buzzer. Look of that moving on. Yeah, Let's do it. Let's just throw away. Don't take too much out of it. Okay, wait, we need but it stings. You were in the pocket when you throw it away, and it didn't get past the line of scrimmage. So, but you know what, Steve for the culture, I gotta throw a flag on you, My man. It's been 10 yards since it was a personal foul, extra spending disrespecting, pop. I'm sorry. All right couple of before going to the Niners and the Rams and the NFL in general couple. Christmas questions for you. I just found this out today that people actually pay people to put their lights up. And it cost a lot of money. I know you love somebody put your Yeah, but they have a curry. Obviously, I see the truck around town Christmas tree guys. They come in and about 20 minutes later, it's like bam! Yeah, they do a good job. You have somebody put your lights up, right? No. No, I brought that. Pull that palm tree. Yeah, I know the value of the palm tree. That's remember that's your all your round. That's our celebratory lights that when some have a visitor, someone's When comes over, we put on the solitary life. It's so good. You're around lighting. Yeah, Only one guy's gonna go up this 70 ft Palm tree. One time like it's not even about that is it? And then we'll see how you answer this. I might start asking all the guests is for a good Christmas gag gift. Is it okay to buy your mom? Lingerie? No, no. Okay, no. No, You can't touch that. No, I don't want to touch it. I just wanted to buy lingerie. I'm sorry, Steven. You quote more hip hop from back in the day. Wakeham room, Steve, bring hammer on up and touch this. Welcome, Steve. I was very happen our way to catch them all okay? Oh, uh, I brought this up a few times throughout the course of the week. And maybe I'm making too much of it. Uh, you'll let me know it felt to me like The way the 40 Niners played against the Rams. It wasn't pretty. It was gritty. It was Guddi. They found a way to win a football game. It's said to me, would they think Who's in the locker room and who's on that coaching staff, and that everyone is worth fighting for. You. I told you that locker room was gonna show up in that locker room is getting like they lost some guys. That's when you know you have your well coached team. That's how I tell you, No games like that when there's really no. You know, it's like, not a lot of momentum, right? You gotta come out of locker room and everybody. You know the Rams. Look who's coming out of locker over like, you know, we got these guys. You don't realize how they were put together and kind of that. Connective tissue they have in the locker room. That means something, and I agree with you, 100%. That win was a reflection of what they'd built last year and the year before it even the year before, when they really were terrible, and we talked about that year being they were tough out. They were they were, you know there you could see building even though they weren't winning many games that they were building that kind of, uh, that sense of the locker room that I really I sensed. And and you saw it when the Super Bowl year it was just that's what they were. They were led to the Super Bowl. Not half, but I mean, a lot of it was certainly talent, but a lot of it was that lock when they build that doesn't just disappear. As long as you haven't lost your culture, and that's you know, you knew this year that the and I think that's why the 40 Niners are gonna be tough out the rest of the year. We saw Russell Wilson win another game in prime time and the stats came across the board and I was watching with my kid. It was like an and Russell's got the best Monday night football win percentage. He's got the best. Win percentage in prime time spent second was this guy named Steve Young and my since I got dead, you know? Yes. Of Steve Young on. I'm like, I'm gonna ask him about that. So Steve, you didn't have it was a gaudy win percentage in prime time. It's like I think you want like 71 or 72% of those games. Did you do anything different in your preparation? Did you take those games? Like more seriously? Because then you knew the league was watching. What will have what can you explain the gaudy prime time record to think a lot of it was just Larry, I think that we had that expectation to be great. And that was we talked about it every year. Super Bowl or bust already want to talk about it? And it was. It was our culture. You know, it was inbred now for by then, 10 plus years. So the bigger games were the ones that really You know, they were the ones they're going to find you. You know, we had rank and file games. Got to get through No one. No one took a day off. No one ever look down on anybody with rarely Upbeat because we played down. I mean, I just wasn't our style. But we certainly played up whenever you know whenever there was a big game, and I was a part of our there's a part of who we were, so I don't know. I didn't I didn't even know that stand until that came up. Both kind of stats that you just don't keep track of your like no way really did that. Ana But but that was really reflection. I think of that hold kind of dynasty time. That's that was how that that's how how we rolled. You know, during that time Yeah, That's a long way of saying we were really good. And on Monday nights a lot when I was playing Well, I don't know what it was about Money Name it. Cherry would just go off on Monday nights because it was Monday. Now, I mean, it was money like my memory of Jerry Rice. Is Monday night. You know, like you just Yeah, Suddenly there was like, you know, catch of all the all the place so I don't know what it was. Maybe there's a little bit be honestly, there's almost something I'll play in the dark like nighttime. There's little different, so there's like you played 10 A.m.. Pacific time in New Orleans, with Pat Swilling and Ricky Jackson coming at you. That feels different playing Monday night at home against the Bears like it's just Yeah, and it was no Sunday night. So that was the only nationally televised game the only night game. It was the only chance for everybody in the lead to watch and other than Thursday. It's really still that way. I've been waiting for for good amount of time to ask you this question. What is your read on Josh Allen? He's got all the tools but manage still young and he could still do some stuff that make you go. Wow. I can't believe you made that throw and he's an actor, too. He can run and we known the Niners have had trouble with guys who can run a lot or even just a little bit. He had 66. Yeah, well, the last couple of years, I don't know. I mean, there was no 1 to 66 that came out that could run ever. Name. Um Nobody all the sudden, Justin Her. Herbert Carson Wentz. Him. Uh, Robiskie. These guys are all 66. The runner..

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