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Four hitting at two thirty six and bumgarner kicks in beal's and there's a slow roller foul on the third base line and it's now other ghent two austin barnes empty gay or nandes bumgarner gave up a hip decor segar with that was it in the first here it's all went too and the giants lefty throws at it's a breaking ball to the back foot down in one ball and two strikes good rick ball right there i had good snapped to it had to cat tried to bury it to his back back foot here's the one two two foresight scoop which down at a rebel bumgarner given larry vanover lead bumgarner stank guy well i think vanover earned it due to pitch swinging a tapper filed a came back and through the same good now he's got a good break body knows it everything at heathrow she's established already this game the very first pitch of this game but he he was good to go lhasa be wise loop it wise but gortat like a lot of great pitchers in their slow to get gold at fina here's the 22 fed not bumgarner very unhappy turns his back to van over that is a clear signal that new bumgarner snaked and you know what larry you're over two bruce bochy is word of mouth of the judge dugout as is dave righetti.

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