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I've closed my shows as the last encore with this song for decades i don't know if i can speak for the country music community but i know that i can speak for my audience for the most part even when they disagree with me politically they may they see my heart and they see that i'm going to move towards things that are hard film gun gods that was singer songwriter rodney foster and that segment came to us from our friends at public radio station k ut in austin texas and now a song by musician who is herself in immigrant gaby moreno moved to los angeles from guatemala in two thousand to pursue her musical dreams and lately she's been collaborating with producer and arranger van dyke parks on her next album it's due later this fall but for july fourth day hurry to release a song called the immigrants here's gabby marino i always tell people now that i feel like an ankle pick evan leaving los angeles for eighteen years that's half of my life but i'm still not a citizen are still just a a us resident can i feel part of both is that is that so bad you know my name is gabby moreno and i was born and raised in guatemala city and i came to the united states when i was nineteen i love singing songs from latin america whether it's for allow or mexico peru or tina and it felt good for me to be introducing this kind of music to an american audience i met van dyke parks and we started talking about music from latin america and he told me how much he loved it and he felt a strong connection with it and so we said while he would be great to do a project where we bring in songs from different countries of latin america as well as long from the united states and try to bridge the two hemispheres we don't want to build a wall probably and the land and he was the one who brought to my attention the song the immigrants so the song originally was written in nineteen ninety eight by david rudder for a haitian refugee who was severely beaten by new york city police and now we decided to change lyrics to make it more relevant for the whole nation and not just near city so much trouble grave in the land of the free we had the song ready to go but we had no idea that it will be so relevant right now especially with what we're seeing right now they're being separated kids from their parents like what is this what have we become that men grease i think it's an important song to let everybody know that we all should be speaking up we are doing something amazing and we're not going anywhere you know we've always been here and you better get with it america and that is our show for today you can follow us on twitter and instagram you'll find us at the frame and you can find me at j g horn i'm john horn thanks for listening we'll see a back here tomorrow really

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