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Forty W H A S one wonders how a rentable vehicle. Like a limousine can be at such bad shape. At least as some of the people who were on board of it were texting prior to the crash. That crashes and kills twenty people two of them were pedestrians who were killed after the car careened after hitting a parked car on the side of at a restaurant. The rest of the eighteen of them were killed in the limo itself. It's a terrifying situation up in New York state. Aaron Katersky has more on this. What happened here? Erin. Well, we don't know the federal investigators are with the state police trying to figure out how all these people in one car died in a crash that just on a chase fire. There was no explosion. The vehicle was kinda came to rest in a ravine. But it wasn't like a steep fall. So the unanswered question is how did all these people die? But it it isn't inconceivable, given the the the lack of safety equipment often in vehicles converted into stretch, limousines, while you're I mean, if the vehicle crashes, I mean I've seen firsthand from arriving on accident scenes where people weren't wearing a seatbelt. Where I once was not I but one of the first on the scene of an incident where a drunk driver hit a guardrail on a mountainside and the passenger flew through the window and landed on the pavement out. I mean, it's amazing. We forget I think when we're in these three four five ton hunk of steel hurtling down the highway at seventy miles an hour. What a project our body can become if we're not strapped in. Well, and and these these. Vehicles that are converted into stretch, limousines. You know, are are obviously not made by the manufacturer usually a chop shop job, and they don't have air bags or or or reinforced rollover, protection or or side impact airbags or anything that would you'd expect in an ordinary passenger car, and this has been brought to the attention of of everyone before they're just a couple of years ago. There was a crash on Long Island in wine country on the north fork a Long Island where four women were riding in a limousine and they were killed. In a collision with a pickup truck. And again, the the district attorney after this grand jury report came out to find fault with the lack of safety information. He comes out with this with what looked like a middle. You know, paper towel thing. Around a hollow pipe that this is the only piece of equipment that's installed to even think about safety. And so these stretch limousines have been called into question before my understanding is a report said that the the limousine failed to stop. What does that mean? Speeding through this intersection and then failed to stop and crashed into a parked car. Hit a couple of pedestrians and then finally got a Korean down into this this ravine. So we don't know whether the brakes failed whether the driver had some kind of an issue whether there was involved drugs. We just don't know. And the the authorities are still trying to sort out. Exactly what happened. I would imagine in short order will. Now, the NTSB is going to know in in short order, whether the vehicle was mechanically sound or what? But it's a it's a bit older. The company is a is a little bit of a shady company that operates it's been cited before. For failed inspections. And and and so they're they're, you know, I I think they're gonna find plenty to write about once. The NTSB is is done with its work. Standing is this company had a bus breakdown originally this family had or this group had rented a bus the bus wasn't gonna work. So they brought this limo. Oh, I don't know about that. It's possible. You know, we're talking to relatives. So it's only relatives accounts. But certainly possible that that's what it'll turn out to be. But it was, you know, people go to a birthday party at a brewery minister early Oculus fall weekend type activity and state New York amid the foliage, and and and not an uncommon thing. And there was this intersection. And there was this vehicle and a lot of young people were killed. Could. So the NTSB when it's a limousine or bus or something like that. That's when the ESP takes over. I mean, they can get involved in any transportation accident, but you know, typically, they don't do ordinary car crashes from ordinary, and I think even the the the the seasoned accident. Investigators were fairly stunned by the loss of life here. I mean, twenty people dead in what was effectively a one car crash is the worst transportation accident in this country and almost a decade back to two thousand nine in buffalo in the plane crash that killed fifty people. So this is almost unheard of. And I think the federal safety investigators are going to want to highlight the the the inadequacies as they see it in the icus converted into stretch, limousines, and they're not gonna wanna let it go. All right. Very interesting. Erica turkey. Thanks, man. We appreciate it. Thank you. Yeah. Terrifying. I remember we were supposed to go to Christmas party once I'm a work Christmas party, and they were going to use this this church, boss and our bosses the owners of the company we're like when they got in it. It was a little little creaky. And I remember they said never mind. There have been a lot of church buses involved in crashes over the years, and they had us all drive on our own. I've always wondered, you know. You know that wasn't a higher power intervening. It's like we never got on the road in the bus. We ended up driving. You know, we had their own the way I read the story they were on their way to their brewery and the bus that they had rented broke down. And this is a replacement vehicle that came to get them. Okay. So they brought a worse vehicle in the one that broke down apparently. But it's just amazing. How fast they're coming? How do twenty young people had two or three of them not survive? I it's just it's baffling that that's the weird. Jim writes into the E mail box. He said maybe carbon monoxide. So like if you if everybody's knocked unconscious, and then the car is still running they'll running in that ravine. See my first thought was that the driver had a medical emergency. But then when I heard about the shape of the vehicle I thought well the brakes probably fail. But maybe the driver was killed on impact. The other eighteen were I guess it would have been seventeen people. There would have been seventeen passengers. Plus, the driver there were there were two pedestrians that were killed, and you've got people piled on top of each other at this point. Right. So I'm thinking, maybe as Jim pointed out, maybe they were all knocked unconscious, and then the car was still running as a sat in the Ravina tailpipe could have been up against some dirt plugged up. Yeah. Who knows I I don't know that but the NTSB will find that out. So you would think if there was already drinking going on you would have had a higher likelihood of survivors. And the reason for that is that people who are drunk don't brace for impact. And that's why they get injured lesson. In crashes. Why a lot of times a drunk driver will kill somebody and then live to live with what they've done because they they will even if they're not even strapped in there's an odd malleability. Yeah. So anyway, stormy Daniels is sorry about the mushroom taunt. She had her book where she referred to the president's manhood as a character from a Mario video game. Mario kart. She's she's not denying that. It's a mushroom. But she sorry about it. Well, here's what she wrote. She she contradicts herself in in this, KOMO hair grass here. But she says, so I was very angry and writing that she told channel nine journalist, Liz Hayes, and now that the book is out and people are reading about it. And it's all over the internet actually feel pretty terrible about it in a way, it's body shaming. So the Liz asks or did you did you want to humiliate him? No absolutely not which is why I feel a little conflicted about the book. I did not want to hurt him. My intention was for people to stop hurting me. Now comes the contradiction miss Daniels said she still had no idea why she agreed to have sex with Mr. Trump describing it as ninety seconds that I never really thought about again until the US election. Here's the problem with her comment. If your intent is not to humiliate him not that I care whether he gets humiliated or not I mean, he's a big boy he can handle it. But I mean, well kind of. Average your intent is to is not to humiliate him. Then why right about it? Because if you're not angry at him specifically, then why would you lash out at him by writing about things things personal details about him? That would be embarrassing. Like, why would you do that? Clearly your intent was to hurt him. A clearly you now feel like maybe you went over the line and doing so and now your double speaking to try to walk it back. That's that's what happened. Anyway, the bottom line is don't sleep with a porn star. And you probably won't have these problems. Mr trump. Wasn't his wife pregnant at the time. Probably. I think that's what happened has as I don't know how they've worked out amongst themselves. But I guess it's a good thing. They've worked it out amongst themselves. Maybe he thought it was ninety seconds. He's never thought about. Newsradio eight forty W H A S coming up next stringent demands for a relationship to go forward. One guy. Has probably got a bridezilla in the making..

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