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And the link. Of course we were on one level. I think is that neither of them seems to have an awful lot to do with christmas. Our i suppose. Victorian setting feels inherently christmasy in the snowmen and snow. I suppose you've got you've got the kind of acsh- of dollars. Yeah of course if we picked we picked the sick corrects thing that we could have had the ash falling from the sky in the ash on the ground in the petrified forest but we haven't got that combination so you know that's me wishing for something that that's it's not gonna happen Try and sell the ash looking snow. I would have gone with what you going there. And give up one and a half thumbs up our Yeah and then of course tracked and talking about the the glove being left outside the tar. this and shook. Lara wears a pair of gloves to walk through the snow. So tar not the year hartnell. Sorry koshman's loss of tissue pity fluff. Yeah right i mean a you with. I'm not sure. I am very much. So richard should ridgely. Ground is under us. But i mean obscenities. Ian mckellen because i think people forget who's ever in it and i think wonders he was ever in it so that he could replace the voice of the thousands with richly grant who was presumed cheaper. But it was nice not having that while they last a bit underused. It wasn't it wasn't yes definitely richard. Did you know that. The when his big globe snow globe for snood with syrian mckellen. I'm sure knew that once. But then i could. Fm drescher active my brain right now. Want to shame. I tell you what else is. A shame is the our. Our youtube channel is going absolutely cracking. Now is going along a fantastic rip. Just at the point where everyone is giving up on it because it's been so blocking and jumpy all night. Well let's go on to the last one we're going to be doing isn't it. S one seventy the last one. I'm absolutely so are we switched around. Let's go around three so so round three Dream team so this in this case we picked one story from the whole of doctor. Who and then we. You'll you sort of mission is to to think. Well if i was going to remake it with a team of creatives from across the history of doctor who who would i choose in order to get the absolute best after this particular scenario so If you like you can pick one for me and all sort of give you the you know how i think is going to work and then you see. We go from there. Tempting john okay. Ruining today's vandam.

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