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The gency calls made from that amtrak train shortly after it was diverted onto the wrong track into a parked freight car in casey south carolina sunday number one will emerging eye on calming truck and we are at the radio drink that call from an amtrak employee on board the train where two of his coworkers were fatally injured a passenger calls and describes the scene bp road and everybody well here we are not even on the cat on herring more everything with every wear another passenger references his injury floor her that blood a in england walk okay but back ntsb continues its investigation into the crash joe glaspie wbt news another accidental digital disaster warning if you today this went from private forecasting company accu weather it was assume nami warning affecting the east coast including the carolinas as reporter jim ryan explains given the city nami warning issued last month after an earthquake off alaska today's warning about assinovski along the east coast and the gulf of mexico didn't seem to farfetched no harm no foul right except that the accuracy a wireless emergency alerts is critical congressman dan donovan says false alarms erode public confidence linen threat alert is sent americans can and will act accordingly to protect themselves and their loved ones side away from new york city to houston today the coast is literally clear jim ryan abc news a few coastal carolina residents took to social media with typical hyperbole one reporting they were freaking out another claiming mass hysteria in charleston home depot announcing today plans to hire four hundred.

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