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Your an nba if you're a basketball fan prior an nba fan. It's not until you get out of college that you start to listen Like and watch college basketball as well. Yeah and there are certainly exceptions to that. I'm just saying in general. I believe that to be true. So i think maybe selfishly through to see their reaction through there is two. Oh my god. My dad's calling an nba game. Yeah how cool is that. That would really be a bucket. Lists thing for me. That would be cool. I know we had Donnie nelson Was announced yesterday as we record this that he was leaving. The mavericks was yeah exactly and My son is a huge cowboys. Always number one but As he said dirk nowitzki is his roger staubach because you know dirk had a championship in his lifetime Born in eighty nine but so he doesn't remember the super bowl years with the cowboys. so all he's remembered is the disappointment So and we were excited to watch. Luca play Dynamic young player zimmer's crazy. How young he is and you know you know so yeah. I think that would be a fun that that seems like a good goal. Yeah so i'm gonna flip it over. Bruce wise are there swish list of songs. You haven't heard bruce perform live that's on your bingo card or your wishlist. You know i. I can honestly say there's one and i was lucky enough a couple of years ago to be a guest. Dj on straight radio. So i had to come up with my seven songs. Yes and this is. This is one of those songs. Because and i said during that hour that it. It's you know it's my golden ring so to speak. It's the one that i'm still wishing or hoping for and i've never been assigned guy the last maybe the last half dozen shows i've gone to. I've been lucky enough to be in the pit. Yeah but i've never made a sign. If there was a sign this might be it But pretty flamingo is is probably the song that i would love to hear him. Perform in person that i have not yet heard When i first heard it it was like one of those moments. It was a uranium moment for me. Because i never heard it at all before again. I'm sure there's tons of springsteen pencil relate. What i've been you know he's been playing out songs since the seventies listen. I only heard it. Maybe ten years ago and it was a mind blower for me and so that would be one that that i haven't heard that i would love to hear. That's cool I know that To go back what you said earlier with the maggio right I'm a big comic book fan. I grew up reading comic books and one of the things often said is the writers. Need to remember that.

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