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Interview right now. Okay guys welcome back to the show as promised. It's been a while since we've had him on. I am so happy to have him on as the olympics. Near a hand we are sort of in the spirit of time with the olympics are coming. I wonder his international connections to north korea His fact that he you know the fact that the us basketball team has been playing under expectations early in the warm up and up and the tuna to the olympics. I want a year dennis. Rodman's how are you dennis. How are you man. Tell you you're going to be here. Because i feel like i have ever even heard you guy donald. Listen to your show so the only time that i actually hear you is yeah. That's yeah yeah so. I like it. You know just like my teammates. You know i never hung out with john paxton but it was always nice. You know september back in my locker room. You still white. it's your. It's your affinity for short white guys who can take their shots. He disliked throughout so. I don't think he was jewish. I don't think he was jewish. He was jewish people. a jewish. but that's fine so my best dennis dennis. How when you look at this. Us basketball team. It has not been constructed that they don't have dennis rodman they don't have a guy don't mix up and get the rebounds am i right. Are you You are right worm. No word okay. No nothing nothing. Nothing got dogs. Got a lot of dogs or no. What do you think you could play today. You can help this team Guess no doubt not now you know. I mean pretty much every Every day i wake up. I'm like man. Hello you're you're missing me. I'm gonna hassle offer But his team i. I can't just get distracted by my skill. Such basketball skills now are better. Serve with the great Coming of third raw. Kim jong on yoga greatest guy on. He's not he's not a great. I don't know. Let me tell you something when people ask me about you starve us. Yeah okay. I say man. They are great guy. That's what i say. So how's that different avenues. People is that what you want me to do. We will continue to say good things about this but we haven't put people in internment camps and stuff you know you got vision okay. Oh that's terrible so whatever it is whatever it is you know you don't you don't own a country okay. That's owns the country. I don't think he don't know nobody gets in or out without doesn't that seem weird feels storm drain and redonda good point dennis. So what is the. Us team need to do in order to get it on the right track and potentially bring home gold in a much more crowded field are much more competitive field. Where were the first thing that i would do. Starbucks putin player smarter countries. Wait i you can do that. They do have to represent american. Be from america brecca. Okay what it says all to tie dennis man. It's all lines on a marble. It don't matter it don't matter getting you control what you control it so. Us wants to win. They jong gotta take some of his ideas like you. Gotta you gotta be a little bit of strong strong. That what they call strongman okay learning. Okay listen hold on to your stop. Because i know you don't know how politics works. We have a straw. You have a strong okay. Just like what you get a mcdonald's and took a drink okay. With a strong draw wrong means and how much stronger. Yeah so that's why the. Us team needs. They need strongman. Like like like kim jong and like the work but the problem is they're soft. Okay necessarily like all recovered we practice. So put on the mass. There you go. That's not how we defeat nazi germany. Get get coke. It and getting the paint is saying i understand. I understand what you're saying and look at him limited. Look little kim right now. I can call him. Go kim but cost command all you little kim. He's fifty pounds fifty pile on. I i got got you did gift. Cia has taken pictures okay. They started his watch was looking little. Do something like right. They all worry so we got a big starting a program. I have a quick scarsdale. Stale one last question before you before we let you go. Dennis norm. I'm sure i'm sure you saw the dust up with scotty. Pippin who claimed he claimed that phil jackson was a racist acting to come out. And either refute it or support the pip. We hear anything to let us your chance to weigh in ban man. He was like a father to me. Are you getting emotional. Are you getting emotional. Don't don't dissipate where i'm be optical. Stop sorry. I thought i heard you do that. Oh here we go. Don't need it out. I had if i don't do it. Somewhat phil jackson was the toge jackson of chicago. And i'm not talking about stuff out not talking about michael tito debate or abusive of the the abusive father of the jackson family. Yes you too. Okay do the glenn and so maybe go got under the sloppy here near. Okay yeah baby says something like a and whatever but the point is we watched happier chipped. Okay i got with carmen. Electra does show. That worked out scotty. Yeah he did the fact that you were able to get with. Carmen electra eliminates. The possibility that phil jackson could have been because she's not white. Gosh that's good math for you there. That's exciting i followed you. Gotta championship range in chip. And then you know. Yeah scotties jealous again of the worm and diffusion okay. He deflected onto feel who was december. I warriors the buddha temple anti racist all of day. Scotties like spy bad-looking totem pole totem pole. Okay okay you know out of the different too. I was to hear. i'm so i love you. Bodies weaken for confirmed. We love you. You're my brothers baghdadi. Always you better believe people that were great. Keep telling people are great and we'll keep telling people you're great and we'll keep having you on. We love you brother. Labor day weekend are there. All right we are out all the worm can confer and that's a show. I love as a show. You guys want to mention our patriot. 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Oh in arbor comedy showcase a club that we worked hard to help save and get through their tough times. Let's fill it were there. I think right now. We only have three shows but yeah we sell it out we can maybe show that you guys ann arbor in arbor comedy showcase of your in detroit do that. And then we got phoenix. I were doing Right we're doing our tempe. Arizona phoenix to tempe arizona december tenth weekend that whatever that and then dc in february. So they're starting to stack up..

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