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So that was this week's DM. You want us to answer your question. You can direct message alley on Instagram or Email us at RTBF at one dot com. That's our TB at one dot com. And now onto our very fun conversation with Hillary Kurt. She's the co, founder of click brands, which includes three websites, celebrity fashion site who what wear dot com home to gore site, my domain dot com. That's domain with an e. If you're googling while listening and beauty site birdie dot com. She also hosts her own podcast called second life, which I was actually lucky enough to be on. Hillary started her career as a fashion writer, but we started our chat today by talking about how she and her co founder the amazing Kathryn powers met and started their own blog in two thousand six back blogging. Barely thing magazines were sharing to fold so l. girl folded a bunch of other magazines folded. So Catherine, trying to figure out what her next thing would be. And she came to me one day and said, I think we should start a website and it should be all of these things that we are looking at. So you know, serve this is also the moment of the rise of potsy. So we were going on Getty and wire image and looking at, you know, pres- Hilton and looking at us weekly at looking at all these of the moment photos, then you wouldn't see those photos in a fashion magazine until three months later because of the lag time in an how long it takes for publication to actually print. We thought, wouldn't it be cool if we had all of those of the moment photos that are in the tabloids, but none of the gossip and we just focused on the fashion and made it nobody was doing that. You know, by the way, vote dot com to exist l. dot com was basically just like a landing page for subscriptions. There was nothing. She said, I'm going to do all of the all do the art and teach myself Photoshop. You're the writer, you. Do all of the writing reporting. And I said, yeah. You should probably think about it. I said, no, I did. No, I I really want you to think about. I did, let's do it. And so from that day until our first story went live on October twenty third, two thousand six. I think it was like two months while we just put it all together and figure it out and went for it. But it was really something that was born out of our own desire and what we were kind of doing any. Joe sets the new we, we talk about a lot on the show and from our experience it's helpful that I know nothing about hair clearly alley news a little bit about business, but it's helped. So you had a job where you were getting paid, and then you guys decided to do this. I was freelancing. Yeah. So to do this on your own, like how do you make money from a site like this girl? I was so poor from social, longtime, so even make money. I mean, this is foreign, not in the beginning, but in the beginning we were trying. It was a new business model in so many ways. We, it was an old business model in the sense of we knew that at some point we could have advertisers and charged for advertising, but they're very unknown who's going to advertise on this unknown site, and no one was really doing digital advertising, much back in two thousand six, early two thousand seven, and certainly not the fashion industry. I mean, there were some people who came online very early Neta portray. I remember sent us an RFP which I had to Google what that was. We both did. So we tell people what is in case they don't know. R. p. was until couple of years ago either. It's a request for proposal, so it's basically someone saying we're interested in spending money with you. If we give you this money, what would you do? So we have to Google that and Gucci and Burberry and shop were all very much online playing in that space early, but we didn't. We were very, very broke for a very long time. I was freelancing still on the side. I was writing for l. and I did celebrity cover stories for maximum. So like Jessica Simpson's first interview after her divorce was me, I was. I was really excited about that was a huge deal. So I had my, you know, somewhat sporadic, but making allowing me to survive income from freelancing. But we were very, and I just, I think that's something that like entrepreneurs are always scared of leaving their job or doing something. We talked about that a lot, like there's so many different ways that you can earn extra money while you're starting in business, and there's just different ways you can do it. I also like to point out that I was privy. Alleged I didn't have school debt. I was young and didn't have a family. I didn't have medical. I didn't have to support my parents. I only have to pay for my rent and food, and that was pretty much it. I mean, had nothing holding me back and so I could operate not having much money because I wasn't dealing make all of these other things because I have been lucky enough of my family had supported me through college, and I was, you know, not coming out of a coming out with a low paying job in New York, but at least

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