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As President Trump threatens to close the border with Mexico over migrant caravans border towns such as Brownsville, Texas being overwhelmed with immigrants, Spartan savage is the problem that's quickly spilling over from a crisis for the federal government as far as Rome for holding all of those migrant families to know an issue that's going to have to be dealt with on the local level in Brownsville here. The bus station has become the processing cetera. Essentially what happens is there's kind of a hand on federal officials during the migrants. Here dropped them off by the busload where they're accepted in and then processed by the city officials as well as by county officials Grammy nominated and widely respected west coast rapper and business owner, nipsy hustle is dead shot and killed outside. His Los Angeles clothing store. Sunday, police confirmed three men were shot outside marathon, clothing, store hustle. Owns almond were taken to the hospital. Where hustle was declared dead. Two other men were reportedly in stable condition. Nor arrests have been made California lawmaker wants to lower the number of unvaccinated children in his state. Dave alpert. Explain legislation would make it more difficult to opt that child out of required. Vaccination for school state Senator Richard pants, his plan would give public health officials more oversight when it comes to approving vaccine exemptions while under current law. All students must be fully vaccinated to attend public or private school. Unless a doctor says they have a medical reason not to have all their shots. The number of medical exemptions has tripled since California eliminated, the personal belief exemption. The proposed legislation would also create a database that would allow officials to monitor which doctors are granting the exemptions data Alpert, Los Angeles man, charged with kidnapping and killing a college student who mistakenly got into his car did not appear to jail hearing Sunday. Police say Nathaniel rolling killed Smith at Josephson Friday after she thought her car, his car was an Uber ride. I'm Elliot Francis. Indeed, we understand that when it comes to hiring. It's important to have a large talent pool that choose from..

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