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KOA NewsRadio time seven oh. To a Denver. Police officers expected to be okay after being shot early this morning. Police responded to reports of a shooting near tenth in Sheridan. When they got to the scene, they found a woman who had been shot and while they were rendering aid to that victim a suspect fired shots at them. Again. The officer one of our officers suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. Authors did return fire and the suspect retreated at that time police spokesman Doug Chapman says police were able to take a suspect into custody. The woman who was shot is in stable condition. Commerce city. Police say Medina alert has been cancelled the alert was issued after a truck hit a motorcyclist near seventy second place in magnolia on Friday that motorcyclists has died. Police have been looking for a blue or silver dodge truck, they now say they have a license plate number for that truck. Police have not said whether they've made an arrest in that hit and run weld county deputies and firefighters responded to an oil tank battery fire on Saturday morning that hurt three people one. Seriously, deputies say the battery was fully engulfed in flames. When they arrived, the oil tank was located northeast of Greeley three crew members were hurt one. Seriously burned taken by air life to north Colorado medical center, the other two workers had minor injuries. Officials believe the fire began during maintenance. Operations college football. The buffs blow twenty eight point second half lead and losing overtime to Oregon state coach Mike MacIntyre says it's more than disappointing. Definitely a gut wrenching loss to say. The least see you falls to five and three on the season after a third straight loss. The buffs. Visit Arizona on Friday night and the Broncos and chiefs in Kansas City today coverage beginning after this newscast kickoff at eleven o'clock on your home for the Broncos KOA NewsRadio. Next update at seven thirty David KO, KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. A crash eastbound on the boulder turnpike at.

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