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More than thirty countries. He has over thirty years of experience in the Silicon Valley and his Co chair of the IT group within the firm, and he's also advising startups and global fifty companies on Iot issues. I read an Article Mark Rope for CIO review a little while back and thought he'd be a great guest on the show mark welcome thanks a lot. Bruce. I'm looking forward to it. So! We'll tell me what what's been the latest Ti ot. You've been up to lately. I've been dealing with Iot in the workplace where people are basically putting IOT devices on people, construction sites, and then taking the data proposed safety and monitoring perks, so that's the most recent. I obtain product I've been working on. Oh, that's interesting so. They're just. Is it Kinda like just measuring where where construction workers are going as the equipment? Is it all of the above well? It's a combination of measuring where they are. That Word Starts A. And then they're also. You know going to integrate with sensors on the equipment, so they can tell people are. Are Moving to close the equipment more that is probably going to be real time with the sensor a network. But you has to wait for the equipment to be censored up there. Speak Right near. Digitize her so right right right right, and is it just a regular construction, or or is it a particular type of construction? It's at regular construction and actually I'm working with one of the investors, and WHO's an insurance company. WHO's very interested in this product in order to cut down on accidents and make sure that they can find people of. An Act things like that. Don't make sense if they fall down with like some sickle or something like that or they get covered in rubble or something like that. Yeah Yeah I guess that's not so funny. Well tell me a little bit about yourself and your background in Iot, so I've been practicing insult. Evaluate attention for over thirty years. I, do a mix of work of. Intellectual Property Licensing as well as securities and corporate series I only new venture financing saga, five companies being financed right now. Okay, so I worked with a long days and I work with small companies Iot. Not is covering the entire map I have one country that is providing the backbone. The onstar service GM in. Another company that's providing middleware or Not Space and I working with large companies like this insurance company that are either doing projects or investing in key projects. So it's a very dynamic marketplace right now in Silicon Valley and actually around the world. The. You know the company on workplace. Miners located on the east coast. now. How long view how long have you been actually? How long has it been an Iot practice within your firm well, we officially spun up last. April but we've been. We've been dealing with this for some time. Iraqi. There are skeptics will say well. You know it's just a combination of cloud and sensors and. I think there's a certain things better than that. That's it's. There's a lot more to I mean it. Certainly, the pieces were all their, but putting the pieces together put it in making data driven. That is very recent phenomenon so. And as you can see from her website, we've had a number of webinars on this. Because it's a very interesting area. Basi- it. Both from the legal community business laundry you I think the most interesting IOT business model per dod is. What's called tires as a service zone other words I want to do you take tires? And you go to a fleet manager, and says we manager G. You know I'd really like to provide you tires and you need. Not just. Sell them to you, but I'll put the sensors on him and I'll tell you into into change them and you know basically your. You know it'll. You won't have to pay attention tires and the great thing entire company is you've converted sort of a semi commodity business into something. There's this subscription model. It's much tighter relationship with with your customer, and you know subscription models or what Wall Street love, so it's it's a win. Win Win! The reason I laughed. Actually I thought you said ties. Circles I've heard tires. Assertion is interesting because if you combine if you combine the tires as a service with GPS information. You can then map the quality roads for example, and that's you know that type of digital exhaust or in this case. I guess it's not a be. It'd be pre predefined, but it could be. It could be sold as you know sold to a completely different customer than you would than you would really expect yeah well. This is before not, but we had a client probably twenty years ago. Who basically made software to manage inventory? For use par par source, anthony what they discovered over time. Is that their? Database of what parts went on what automobiles actually better than manufacturers. Interesting, so they actually sold the information back to manufacturers. You know it makes sense I mean, and that's you know that's the interesting part like you said it's not just it is combining technologies I think from a technology point of view. Yeah, I mean there's there's a there's a Chinese menu of technologies that we piece from We source from to make an IOT system product environment whatever the case may be, but it's really then where it goes beyond that and I think what we'll probably be talking about is going to be the information you gather from all this. You know all these. Pieces of technology and what you do with them and and I think that is one dimension. Anyway, that's that is a big differentiator from what's been out there before. Yes I, think sure by data and with the new. Machine learning and some of the other big data analytics, the ability to feed back into the system. interperted system is something. It really is a different level than anything in the path. All right well Silicon Valley helping startups helping big companies. What something else that most people don't know about you? I love why many people know that but few. People know that actually made me online for a couple of years. Okay. And is that something you? Do you do with your own? Grapes are growing grapes is actually is actually interesting because I live in a suburb. Of The San Francisco Valley area, but one house. That's maybe two blocks from from our house three blocks from our house. They actually used their front yard to grow grapes, and they actually have his really small many vineyard, but apparently because I know someone who knows them where we're in a neighborhood. They can produce a few cases year just from the plants that are actually growing in the front lawn or you doing something like that or you actually buying the grapes. No such luck now I actually by the grapes. From maynard's cinema, I actually went to a place called crush bad which Stanley. Winter Bank compete couple of years ago, but they provided a complete winery as A service approach where? Okay where they bought the great for you, they had somebody do the processing of the grapes and they the processing, according to a former juvenile that about three four and you got. You got one at the end of, and it's actually during good once. I'm quite proud of that although I'm very sorry, the crush Brad went away because it's it's tough to do it all on your own. You need a lot of equipment and the old saw about. How do you make a small portion of wine business? Start with a large fortune is. Is Absolutely true I've seen friends. Who've? decided they want to wine country lines. Lifestyles introduced her dad. The wine country lifestyle is not a retirement lifestyle yet to actually go out and work, and it's tough, so yeah, no, that's true! ended the wine wine. Did you have any wine that lived a company? I think the. Wine that people tried. They've told me it's very good and I. I it myself so it is pretty good. I actually got. Bitten by the barrel, which is about twenty four? I didn't for about four years when.

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