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Summary computer Marcia Taylor five hundred driver Ryan Newman is waking up with non life threatening injuries at Halifax hospital this morning the rocket man he'll be back everything you might miss coming up in the news at six thirty what about the rest of the race Denny Hamlin celebrating his second straight Daytona five hundred victory Kyle Busch to the bottom with one stage to him than winning stage to and then eventually winning the race after a number of crashes the biggest accident involved Ryan Newman was taken to the hospital after a wreck on the final lap hamlet is the first repeat winner of the great American race in sterling Martin back in nineteen ninety four nineteen ninety five president trump was not at the race yesterday after helping kick it off before the rain delay on Sunday Kevin reviews thirty six point five W. D. B. O. Boy Scouts are filing for bankruptcy as it faces a barrage of sex abuse lawsuits his legal analyst royal Oakes this counts have been hit by a one two punch their ranks of shrunk by more than half of the last two decades and changes in statutes of limitation of allowed alleged victims with claims from the fifties and sixties and seventies to file lawsuits it's against the organization this could explain our Florida man story scientists say a new study shows a lifelong criminals have smaller brains doctors from the University College of London looked at nearly seven thousand MRIS and found that people with the lifetime of convictions in fact had smaller brains most got into trouble in their late twenties the question now is why are the brain smaller some suggest antisocial behavior keeps it from growing others say it could be due to drugs smoking or a smaller I. Q. all agree more research is needed John of attorneys ninety six point five W. D. B. O. my one of my sons Brooks constantly tells me how big his brain as always cracks me up when he tells me he felt Gil frowned idea no go dad that's big brain stuff right there like okay thanks Brooks six twenty six now on our land does morning news good morning Joe we've been tracking some of that fog around this morning its stake in some spots for today itself another spring like day hi sitting AT seven we could have some record high temperatures.

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