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Our students are successful and persistent because of the sense of community and belonging, we create at UK see how we're moving Kentucky forward at you. Dot. News Radio eight forty WHAT. Yes. They've gone to Tom petty to rally the crowd here at the swamp won't back down. But the cats have not backed down Jeff Goro, what say you what? Benny Snell AJ Terry done a heck of a job running the football. And really. In a win lose your draw. They have shown his gator team three quarters despite everything that's happened to them the interceptions fumbles of penalties that Kentucky football team ethic. The kids at Murray state, a really smart Kentucky school. They're going to be smart enough. Not to try to trash talk many Snell next week. I certainly would not know he's I do opponents done it. He has two hundred and. Fifty eight yards at thank quick my quick, man. Yeah. This is kinda neat here. What they do. Obviously, Tom petty who died this past year. Florida native love these Gators and they play this won't back down every fourth quarter. And everybody in the place has got their phones out with the lights on it. It's a really cool scene. If he had the TV to watch a really good song. You know, it's interesting Mitch Barnhart trying to find a song, you know, that they could play do this kind of thing that some Kentucky routes to. For stapleton. There's your challenge. Somebody. Yeah. Montgomery gentry saw on. It's my, you know, my town so Kentucky at its own thirty one now going left to right. Benny snail sixteen for one thirty three Terry Wilson is run for one. Oh, five past nine to fourteen for one forty-seven Kentucky has outgained Florida. Four zero eight two to twelve two hundred sixty one rushing yards to sixty five in Dan, Mullins, nine games coaching against sake. His teams outgained the Wildcats on average almost one hundred yards a game. They gave up two hundred twenty five total yards last week again. Not quite the competition. Level of SEC football, fifteen minutes. For kentucky. To get its first win on this field in this stadium. Jeff. A freshman at the university Kentucky. Nineteen seventy nine in November. And off the Snell running left can't break away. And he gets to the thirty yard line loses yard burst negative loss. Negative play of the night for Benny donegan making the tackle. It'll be second down and eleven only the second tackle for loss tonight for Florida's defense. Conrad outs. Movie A N to go four wide second and eleven. Gators after Roosevelt look like. Seven will off the ball. May be thinking on hearing second. I love bacon wide, nearside bowdoin in Richardson. Why the other way better go late clock at three to protect your call a timeout? Uses one of its timeouts. I wanted choose that has half. Fourteen fourteen on the clock proud is certainly come alive. Trying to rally Florida. They thought was a bad. Call on the missed field goal seems to have gotten them charged up. The second and eleven Kentucky from its own thirty yard line with a twenty one ten lead. Here's we start the fourth quarter. Mark stoops came out and talk to the side judge something they came back. Sideline. Back in nineteen Eighty-six. You could about Microsoft, the twenty one bucks. Gator defenders led by Chauncey Gardiner Johnson. Welcome back out on the field waving their arms up and down for crowd noise. Kentucky's gonna send four receivers to the left is Tom. Wilson from the gun was Snell to his left. Starting five back in their Leo line. And off the smell coming right breaks. The tackle carries. Another one out of the thirty seven yard line. But there's the flag. Holding. David Smith referee. With lines holding sixty four on the altar. Second. George asaf. Oh, Ajay senior.

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