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Inject bleach. It's the same guy that said, You know, you want to keep her a case from getting to the United States. Why don't we drop a nuclear weapon on Sally's now? A tropical depression raining on Georgia, where there could be more flooding the day after it hit the Florida Alabama line is a hurricane, hundreds of people there and in Florida needed rescue America's listening to Fox knew. Good morning. It's a tow three at Alabama's morning news with J T I'm Leah Brandon. Governor Kay Ivey will hold a news conference today in Montgomery, talking about recovery logistics in the aftermath of the Storm Stadium, a director Brian Hastings, saying first responders from other parts of the state and the National Guard personnel have already been dispatched to those areas. Power and cellphone crews began working to restore service to hundreds of thousands of customers. Just hours after the storm's passed. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach will be closed for visitors for at least 10 days. Conditions still hazardous major flooding, extensive power outages, structural damage, beach erosion and fallen trees. Many roads are still closed or impassable. Erik Kristiansen was engulf shores when Sally hit He says he was worried about the storm, possibly spinning off tornadoes. A situation where you cannot see your hand in front of your face, you know, and all you can hear is every every sound you heard sounded more and more like That sound like a train is like a plane. That could be a tornado, You know, but you just didn't know. And that was the Part that you were so concerned about Hurricane Sally blamed for a death in Orange Beach. Authorities say the victim was killed on the Bay side of the city, which saw significant flooding and another woman is missing. There's a dramatic drop in new Corona virus cases at the University of Alabama positive test results now down a whopping 65%. Dr. Richard Friend is.

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