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And disorderly conduct. Authorities say Cut posted a video on Facebook bragging about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is office being broken into during the siege. She told The Associated Press that she didn't personally go into Pelosi's office and that she didn't do anything violent or destroy any property. Kim Lan kins, WB AP News Attorney general compacts and issued several investigative demands to Google Facebook, Twitter Amazon Web services an apple, He's asking the companies for their policies and practices regarding content, moderation and more specifically for information related to parlor. Recently parlor was blocked by Google, Amazon and Apple from the W B A B news desk. I'm Nicolo say your next update is at 5 30 24 7 coverage at WB ap dot com. Great. Keep me back out there. He really wants to be back out there with his teammates. I thought he played exceptionally well. Given the circumstances, you'll only get better from here. So that's real, encouraging Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle after last night's game in Charlotte. Kristaps Porzingis helped the Mavs top the Hornets, one of 4 to 93 the morning from our Mercedes Benz of Plain of Sports escapes evil. M bruising is had 16 points and in return from the surgery back in October. That 12 punch of prison Gates and Luca Dante. It's hard to stop Dante. It's finished with 34 points. 13 rebounds, nine assists and a career high four blocks. Man's have won five of the last six will try and get another win when they stop in Milwaukee on Friday night. Dallas Cowboys have added another piece to their defensive coaching staff by hiring Jo, with junior as a secondary coach and defensive passing game coordinator would work with new defensive coordinator Dan Quinn last season and in Atlanta. And worked under Mike McCarthy, when they were both in Green Bay was with them. McCarthy for 10 years and the Alabama Crimson Tide didn't take very long to find somebody to replace Steve Sir, Keys and as their new offensive coordinator. Finalizing a deal with former Houston Texan coach Bill O'Brien. It was fired four games into the 2020 season. Speaking of Alabama, their fans love their team, having said a 36 hour posts. Clinch record for NC double A hot market merchandise sales on fanatics beating the previous top seller, the L S U Tigers in 2020 that you look at sports and Steve Land. While at home. Tell your smart speaker to listen to W B. A P Now the morning use with Al J and Brian History or news talk a 20 w b A P w b a p dot com Bible six. Welcome into the Thursday Morning news. Hala Take one day off. Anything happened while I was out. What? No, no, it's pretty quiet. Pretty welcome back, pal. Just one of the welcome that happened. You know, other than impeachment Number two number two? Yes, I got to thinking about this. And there's All the, uh, thought maybe quit using the word democracy started using the word hypocrisy. Um Remember back when there was a call to action to do whatever you could disrupt the lives of Uh, Republican lawmakers with get their face getting their face and the restaurant. Whatever. I guess that's okay. That doesn't compare to taking over the capital. No. But there's ah There's 70 million people in the least. They're mad. Because of that. That doesn't count the people who didn't vote. But 70 million votes would trump and they don't know about that, huh? You probably right now, but I think I'm willing A bet that there are several folks who through this process, and I think we've heard from a couple of them. Who have said I'm no longer with President Trump. That were disappointed in the actions. Mm hmm. Over the last several weeks. Well, you know what you know, Mitch McConnell is about was broken off, jerk and things like that. I think they But I still stand by that. I don't believe there's anybody in Washington that like Donald Trump. Area. Nobody. They finally got their excuse to say I've washed my hands. Right? Right, You know, you know Jim Jordan, maybe one. You know, I would think that he would be one that Is still in the side of the president. You have you listened to what he said yesterday. Mm. I would. I would say that he would be one No, I think there are some I I know what you're saying. I know you're you're painting with a big brush There. You say everyone. You don't mean huge brush. Yeah, but there are some who who never liked him and how he didn't do anything for them to like. Ready. I don't know. He he made a lot of people mad. Yeah, I mean, you know he was his With his rhetoric, If nothing else, Yeah, he made a lot of people bad now. Still, though, when I referred to this is impeachment number two. That's the correct description for this impeachment cause it is a number 20. Yeah. I mean, it's a number two. You know, he is impeached now, but I'm talking about you Get what I'm saying, don't you? Yeah. I mean, it's a little too. It's number two. Yeah, Yeah, I never thought about it that way, Brian. They could easily let him just right off in the sunset here easily done it. But they had that. You know what this is? How is getting a win? This is this is getting a win on the way out the door. Just to let them know. Let the trump people know we want And and and also The talk about healing the country. The Democrats. They need to quit that. Well, can not. It's a good thing to say Sure, kids come from Democrats who have said the opposite for the last four years. It could kid can come from new Democrats. It could come from new Republicans that can come from, you know people who we haven't you know. Heard the opposite for all right, but those who have said just the opposite. You can't say it now. It falls on deaf ears. It is it is. It. There's nothing there. There's no substance there. Chuck Schumer can't tell me that Maxine Waters can't tell me that Nancy Pelosi can't tell me that AOC can't tell me that you don't pay them any way I never have. But I mean, those are the ones that are going to be talking the loudest But they can't tell me now is the time for the country to hell. Stop it! Just stop it. You got a wife right all the time. Why is now different in four years ago? Yeah. Four years ago. Four months ago, Fort Two years ago. What? You just stop it. Yeah, stop it. This country. Um Ah, I don't. I don't know They're dead..

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