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Hospital for months oh asking skintoskin keith and be caroline are part of an ongoing research effort of columbia university medical center in new yorkpresbyterian examining whether the most basic nurturing techniques like this quiet moment can help heal the traumas of premature birth the more you do this the more you reinforce that connection the slow while you are coming me and i am coming you and then to crave being together south perpetual this intervention is the brainchild of dr martha welsh she says that while much of this seems like the standard care offered to premature babies in their parents here the focus is one hundred percent on strengthening the emotional connection between mother and child it's not cerebral visceral cut feelings they're beginning to set this pattern of calming each other it seems so basic very basic i think look is wanted for the last few months we've been following several moms and their premature babies through this process neil needle intensive care units give these children a better shot at survival now than at any other time in history in the early nineties a child born as early as twenty three or twenty four weeks was unlikely to survive now the routinely do but despite that leaving the womb so early still puts these kids at high risk for emotional behavioural and developmental challenges this intervention is meant to help minimise those impacts the mummy feel more comfortable.

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