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So as your as your subscriber base continues to grow, obviously, your team is going with it. You've got a hundred employees that is crazy, by the way, because that felt overwhelming every, like have to take a deep breath like good Lord of hundred people. This is their job everyday feels overwhelming end. We have that late Hitachi moment of our office in realize that we have office that isn't art in our -partment tends that like they're alive, people who work here, they get, as a responsibility that we get all the time, and it's also a privilege to be a source of information for millions of people throughout the country because those things are beyond what we ever could imagined. When we started a copy on shore. I'm curious like what's the breakdown of your team in terms of in terms of gender? At what are you noticing? About the women who are on your team. Yeah. Offense adeptly majority women, but no certainly all are welcome. Definitely have station across the jenner's. In terms of things that we noticed a really a very s female CEOs. It's incredibly important to get you on that we create the office that we would want to work for and create a policies, that would look for in employer so whether or not family, leave policy, whether that's like the health benefits, including for Chile coverage weather, that's having not being able to, to have a family and to be able to let's will work environment on that. So important to us on in. So we're very excited in chewy honor to seize many of the armed police go through different life stages. With us already started seeing that in a, you know, a lot of a lot of new parents happening. Oh my gosh. Right. That's your, that's your crew. It's just gonna rain babies, probably in your work environment for a really long time of all these sort of young moms. I'm thrilled to hear that you are prioritizing. Morale and work environment and benefits and thinking, specifically about how those sometimes disproportionately affect women in the in the workplace. And so that is exciting to, to hear. You say that, do you have mentors? 'cause, you know you came into this basically idee aiding you're creating your your you're sort of vision casting, and now you are, you are CEO's. And so now it's so much management and team development where do you look to mentorship in, in terms of leadership Yemen thir-, too late where we'll take them on a we lead in very Hugh have belted incredible network of linen. Who chew the not within our nine online calls on multiple Jenny Fleiss season line. You know, they just really have been there for us on Redick in Ben and the done this before. Books in before but they built teams before they big time management challenges the four they hired before they fired before they his money before they've done all the things that we have been doing for the very first time, and we just been really lucky to have built a network of people that we can be very honest with, like, hey, going through this, this is really hard. I like hearing you say that I hope everybody is picking up on that. Because there's this really inflated idea out there that autonomy is something to be either applauded or that's the endgame or the goal. We're frankly, find a culture clever action, incredibly fruitful. That's all the leaders that I respect the most collaborate also in fired the book, which is we've all been through this before we all have to things before our release things. Whether it's you know, choosing your healthcare plan, negotiate your salary Lear all trying to figure out and know we wanted to create a reference book that you you'll that you have enough information to make educate places in the book is really funny, guys and. I love your approach to it which is very skim ish. You know, you just sort of took this, this skim approach to writing a book, which is fabulous. I've been holding my just crossing my fingers for long form content from you guys for some time. And so you really delivered here and I enjoy it so much. I wonder if you could just talk a little bit more you just touched on it. But took a little bit more about the book and about the process like okay. So everybody listening. It's it touches down quickly. These are not super deep dives. But they are kind of this, incredible encyclopedia of quick information for things, you want to one of your titles things that make you feel fancy Levitt that made me that thinks that save money. Things that are tedious of you talk about taxes a little bit. It's, it's kind of this very broad sense of kind of how to be an adult and I love it. Can you talk a little bit about the writing process, and what that was like for you and what you're hoping your readers take away from it? Exactly. Yet it is meant to the relations copulation, all the question that we had that go into being adult that no one really tells you at unfortunately, there's no class, at least Fennelly time wondering why there isn't a class and where he go, where the advice and a lot of this advice are things that we are going through together as a generation, and selling wanted to pull all of these together full degraded by lethal so lucky to get into one reference book that you can return to and having guy new through different moments in your life. One of maker, exactions. Is things that are using if through things like health insurance. I mean, those are things that we didn't learn until we were trying to look at plans for our employees are so many things that people don't talk about the don't have time in your day to go through an ARCO is that you go through this, you learn something new, and then you act on it jumped into our station might not have had before make it assist that you've been putting off Kate. Some sort of action that make you feel like you're take tedious step forward today. Yeah. And you nailed it. And I think one thing that I really commend you on is that not only did you tackle this wide array of dolt issues that. People in their twenties. And thirties, are going to encounter in many cases for the first time, but it's, it's fun. And it's cute. It's funny and it's clever like thank you so much for making it entertaining because sometimes reading great council on budgeting or investing or interviewing skills can just be so dry and so clinical, and boring, and you made it fun and entertaining at acceptable. And I just felt because I was flipping through like oh that, that sounded that may that's not easy. Like I could do that. I could tackle that based on this advice. I have to know. Do you have like a best life hack that you learned while pudding this book together when that maybe we even still use? Yes, I spend way too much time packing and. Is can spend release on the show. One of that was small helical for me as we lay out what you basically need for every trick. And deceived me a ton of time. Also fun, tricking in their jewelry. But I think my favorite on it's something called the Commodore method inning. It is really like the aid on it's been. It's really about Oxy could do sprints of hard. Bogus work in take a break our whole section. There's a whole section of about wellness in stress management, and a were all sort of, you know, as phones we all haven't attention problem if you talk about, you know, house time spent I opted by myself trying to focus on something getting distracted or thinking they will take too long enough starting it in the final door. Method is the perfect recipe to make sure that you can do really intense productive work in meditate O'Brien. I love that sets that works for me, too. That's exactly how I operate rather than just like dripping it out, over the course of a day in feeling like nothing done. Hey, everybody.

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