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Are you saying you would put both in the same level of certainty of probability of truth? The I'd like to have them both in the room together and all connect. Hey, different ways of knowing different knowing I'm not I'm not into giving a guess, I would say Scott not into a hierarchy of value. It's like pain, you know, some people say, hey, how could that person? Feel pain got all the money in the world. They need that got you know, a great job. You know, something pain hurts Scott. You lose child. You're a million out. You don't think it hurts? Using. So I'm not into kind of saying one is better than the other bring him in the room. Together, you say bring him in the room together. And that just enriches things. The notion of synergy talk about is multiple ways of looking at things coming together in unexpected ways to create a whole greatness, some of the parts that's beautiful beautiful. And you know, the other thing Scott is you see the whole contents of what would talk about has to be seen within Stoorikhel power structure at this point in time. They Scott indigenous people are being overturned overrun overpowered. And like, even for example, in the whole genome thing the genetic material is being robbed and call biopiracy within drug companies on gonna mention the democrat was a Beth Marin. Oh, I don't wanna get into. Ridiculous budgie. See what's happening is. They wanna get isolate wanna get genetic material that has not been contaminated. Yeah. At me isolated. What does that mean indigenous he say, so the whole political context and the scientific IQ testing Scott indigenous people systematically score lower getting back to the Y. I test is totally culturally biased and getting back to the Howard guard thing we don't measure, spirituality, 'cause we don't talk about because we can't measure it with the measurements. That are in western psychology say, but if you don't use those why not talk about spirituality, it's old. I say I would say to that that the test itself is not biased. But well in one sense, it is in one sense. It isn't your apps. I'm with you in the sense that it is culturally like, we are the ones that decided what kind of content. What kind? Mcavoy Adams kind of, you know, even like the ravens matrices Jim Flynn shown does have a cultural bias in the sense. Like, if you never grew up looking at these kind of abstract treasures, you're not gonna do with them as much as if you have a scientific literate culture. So I think that sense. You're absolutely correct. But it doesn't mean that that test is meaningless are not measuring right of skills that are important. That's one of the skills. It measures is doing well doing well at university and certain like you say spatial abstracting like when I went to the call hurry. You know, I'm a psychologist. I wanted to do a show some pictures, you know, 'cause Murray was one of my mentors came up JT. So I had some pictures Charles Murray. Let's be entry Henry Murray about people might not know who Henry Murray is who's alleged hiring. So I had these pictures I Scott show them. What's the first thing? They did first thing they did was to turn the pig. Around to see what was in back to see the backside of the image. So the whole notion of picture was not in their world experience. It was if it was a picture of a face has got to be back to the face. So in a very very kind of powerful wave giving paper and pencil test itself. Like, a given example can from digits point of view, the way people are taught often is if you know, the answer to something you don't ask a personal question. Or if the person knows the answer like I wouldn't ask you a Scud will what is two plus two as an insult right now from edition point of view, if you find that someone asks you obvious questions questions obvious answers. What happens you become suspicious? So they interviewed people who took the I Q test, and it starts out very, easy and some of the kids because the questions were so easy turn off and become suspicious. What's his attorney do trick me? I know the Ono the answer to that one. It's under a tease why did so bad on my SAT. We're going to go with that reason..

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