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The primaries tomorrow zoltan you of not allowed yourself a lotta time to campaign out here. Well this is my third time in new hampshire. So i've already been campaigning here. But i think the reality is somebody who's so interested in trans humanism and who is really kind of a science and technology public figure that it just doesn't work that well in new hampshire and i'm the first one to admit so you're coming to the ancestral home of old school retail politics. Know where some sort of maple syrup technology might be. You know. More close to the heart of the The soul of new hampshire right than Than some of the things. You're talking about on the west coast. You'd think that doesn't really translate this. This might not be your primary to contest in that way. No i definitely think that's the case. I had a couple of talks here. They were attended sparsely populated. Importantly the people just didn't resonate. They're just like what are you talking about. Brain implants and exo skeleton suits and things like that. If i did this in california all sudden we have rallies and people are excited. People want to know what the newest silicon valley technologies are and what companies are doing it. You know it's a very different feeling. I'll be on the ballot in california here in three weeks on super tuesday. So if you had seen me there you'd be like oh wow he can actually put on rallies. It's really tough in new hampshire new hampshire. Yeah it's small Small crowd. I mean we. This is not our first rodeo. either we've been following. People who are kind of outside of the media know off the debate stage so to speak for a long time. Yeah there's a certain way that it's done and it's not if you're not talking about things in the way that they're usually talked about that can be challenging but let's start right there. What is trans. Humanism will trans humanism as a social movement now of many millions of people around the world that want to use science and technology to radically transform. The human body and also transform the human experience. Anything from exoskeleton sues to brain implants to Even driverless cars. But whatever it is. It's kind of the top ten percent of the most radical technologies that are affecting the human race. You say there are many millions. Are these people who would actively knowingly define themselves as trans humanist or do you think it's just a lined with the way that they look at the world. I think there are now probably millions for sure that would say if you ask them. Are you a trans humanist. They would say yes. I am when you ask them. Is that what they consider themselves. Yeah that's a little bit more challenging of a question. But i think google for example is probably the most trans humanist of all the companies out there and they have the largest what we call life extension company a company of billions dollars net worth calico. That wants to overcome aging specifically designed to make people essentially live indefinitely so we are getting to a point when you can now say. Millions and tens of millions or supporters of the ideas probably hundreds of millions. I would say. I mean a place. China's probably leading the transhumance movement in terms of innovation. Now they've the first designer baby babies and stuff like that so many more.

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