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Meanwhile, the The whole idea of basically attempting to argue about what is in. Someone's, heart And what if someone really like Is it seems to me part of the poisonous. Nature of our politics right now and it's why this thing with Omarosa. Is is so troubling to me and I don't think she should be honored and I don't think that that taping people secretly in the White House where, you're working for the US government. You're working for the US president I, don't think that's an honorable thing and I. Don't think gets a decent thing but the the problem with all of this is that President Trump. Is president of the United States you may love him You may, low them but he's president and. One of the things that can drive, people mad one of the hardest kinds of. Arguments to try to bridge to try to come together on has to do with personal reactions to. Other people to personalities It is much easier to compromise to actually work together to bring people together over policy than it is over personality And can we can see that you don't have to love President Trump. You don't have to like President Trump to recognize that there are some things that people can do working with him That are actually profoundly worthwhile Unless people in the left understand that and pay a little bit less attention to all the personality based sniping from people like I'm Orosa who never should have been in the White House in the first place Seems to me That, we're, we're very very terribly misled and in a situation where we'll never make, any progress together Joe, in, Los Angeles Joe you're on the Michael Medved Show I think you're being overly unfair to Trump when you constantly talk about, his comment that they're good people, on both shock and fine people are fine people yeah I think, anybody who's objective realizes he was talking about not Neo Nazis not, white supremacist, or anything else but the two sides of. The issues of taking down the statues the people who support taking them down and the people who I I understand but that wasn't the context. Of his remarks the context of his remarks were after those terrible events that unfolded in Charlottesville. After people had marched around with with Nazi flags and Nazi regalia and after. People have gotten, involved in street fighting and there were street fighters on both sides he. Was correct when he said. There were vile people on, both sides, there, most certainly were but for him to ascend that and this is part, of the problem this, is, not a fight we can win And. It's not a fight worth, engaging at all Because the recognition of of. Charlottesville, being a disaster to help prevent. Repeating it meanwhile a quick word from relief factor here's some. Of the responses that you hear all. The time I'm so glad I found relief factor I can't. Believe I waited so long to try relief factor I'm amazed by the difference that I felt this is the kind of thing. That you hear from people who get relief factor we just sent to a friend of ours NS. Long way away package of relief factor because I know?.

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