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Not exclusive deal in my question to you is why would you go into business with a W. W. hat having the WrestleMania on your Fox Sports app was not exclusive it's still gonna run the WWE network do you pay five fifty nine ninety nine or nine ninety nine of the WWE network your own question it's like you know it's like why would you put ketchup in coffee well I would call it yeah I need it that makes no sense to me for any person going out there and buy WrestleMania fox at zero if you at this point are wrestling fan and you are just WrestleMania you most likely have the WWE network is reading at W. network so what that down yet that shall provide you so like I think fox and ESPN it made very smart decisions in terms of re re airing old Russell medias and classic you know classic cards that's smart and if you look at the viewership numbers the viewership numbers have been great I mean they're kicking **** in terms of replays of like the NFL right now replays of of other things that to me is very very smart thinking by both the WWE as well as box and any S. P. end but yeah I mean that that does it again I I I I it's just inconceivable to me that you would you would pay that kind of freight for fox and not just go a little bit more and get the WWE network it doesn't at all I mean it it feels like boxes trying to make some dollars with this and I think that they're going to find they're not going to make many dollars it's kind of an exclusive deal I know it I think we talked about this before no Vince McMahon and realizes that there's not enough subscribers in the WWE network and he'd like to sell this tent pole events roll rumble WrestleMania survivor series and some of his major events are in Princeton to disown ESPN plus you know the peacock network or fox some like that but if it's exclusive it doesn't make any sense I I thought that was a head scratcher so yeah I would yeah I mean again unless he somehow pulls of the WB network but that would be the end of the WWE network because you're not gonna you're not going to take away something that essentially the reason that you have that you know whatever that subscriber basis but again yes my guess is that it's part of a larger deal that they are aligned to me the more interesting thing on all this is the fox paid a lot of money for the W. W. A. and right now the viewership numbers are not good they have not gotten nearly what I think they thought they would if you remember the first box act out when the rock was there and you know that at all the major stars I think they did over three million viewers and I'm sure that night they were like wow maybe they did for me I have to double check and I'm sure all the fox people like man this is great that you know we are we've got something great here since then you've seen what happened to SmackDown I personally believe the A. W. product is superior to the W. W. right now in terms of story line in terms of creativity in terms of just interesting interesting characters and that's all subjective of course so and I think USA that USA network it's got some pretty nice the officer Turner's got a pretty nice deal with a double bill yeah that if I'm **** I'm more concerned about yeah K. W. E. six it's creative take to bring me some to bring me some better viewership and I think and again I'm not saying I know how to do this the big because I I don't know how to work the business but they they need a whole again or in Austin or rock look at W. W. is desperate for a bell cow and it can't be left there because he's not there enough but also been there for a long time it's obviously not Rangers and ID to reform but he's not getting have you know whatever you've got that level that holding rock stone cold level and it's not Rollins he's incredible worker but at the same time just doesn't I don't you can carry that the business the way those guys do so yeah for awhile thank you Lynch but they haven't really figured out what to do you know the sort of but like they got her lost a little bit and creative so I I don't again I I'm not saying I'm the answer I don't know who would be but that's what I think they're really desperate for they they really need like a cross culture con star like a holding on Austin or rock or maybe seen it is primed to to sort of get people more interested in the product were not the die hards Richard Deitsch with us on two zero three two zero Jonathan hood on the ESPN one thousand well I want to ask you about this card I was saying earlier Richard that the one match that seems and feels like WrestleMania feels like something big is bad versus Randy Orton the bill but this has been tremendous is there a match a particular teacher looking forward to seeing the most out of these two nights of wrestling yeah you know what to me that's actually it's a very good cake but you I I that story once before nominal date date date incorporated the past in the present I think edges being he's really been great coming back a far better than I think anybody could've expected war is always good he's just a very very good he'll kind of a genius always keeps himself in great shape so maybe I think you know I think that I think that's really interesting now in terms of in terms of what else I'm kind of interested he would they do a very wide over the three days because I eat what I don't love that character I I I recognize that it's very unique and different and I think a lot of people really define that character interesting and so I'll be curious to see what happens with why I I'm a big fan of Becky so I I'm I'm certainly gonna be paying attention to that match and sort of see how they handle that and then obviously finally they you may not have the update on this I don't know but you know because rain decided smartly dot com because just pre existing conditions or what we can do that Colbert acts like that that's a mess right now you know one yes very fair argument to be made by a lot of people saying why have why Goldberg and such a high profile position right now I mean that I've made a career in what a mega mega star but you know it it it does I'm not sure it helps you in terms of like six months or a year from now so be very curious to see you know Sir how they ultimately how they ultimately figure out that store and I just again might might might might issue at the moment W. W. A. and and again I did until the Monday morning quarterback yours you just feel like they have like six months or nine months down the road it might feel like they're just sort of on the fly week to week and you know you try to figure out what to wear and a growing long term and I I I think that's the challenge for creative where I think if you reverse it with a W. David brilliant interviews in Jericho very slowly to sort of form this like you know super power group against you know Cody Rhodes Kenny omega and that group and so they have these factions on which always is like interesting television anime they're trying to build up you know some other characters sort of around those factions are trying to build up their women's division so they're they're just they're interesting I have to be a huge fan of Jericho and Ambrose I just think they're great characters in great column also probably a little bit of a mark ray W. to start with but I just I think I think they're doing a great job I just think that's very very interesting at the moment compared to WWE what you're looking for single WrestleMania brings the tables can be odd won't be in one stadium or one arena so I'm looking for a senior was it brings to the table it'll be odd and interesting at the same time it is gonna be great or awful there is no god no I think yeah I was gonna say I I don't think it'll be interesting because I think it's it's incredibly it's it's very impressive like what those people are doing with no crowd that's almost like a live theater and it's very very hard what will be interesting to me actually Jonathan welcome to WrestleMania is so much of that show with pyro and entrance and and getting the crowd like really calm the second people walk out you see them they can't they had none of that here and so that will be interesting to me is like okay you can't do this so how do you try to replicate since he when you walk in right out of you know walking under under under the curtain does still do the music in the study that stuff but you know you see they're ready when you watch like SmackDown or raw which is very different walking without the crowd into the ranks of the you see how they approach that and if I get a ticket yes I think they will probably try to do some stuff on the walk ins where maybe match start early today I think they're just gonna try to you know try to figure out how to make the match sort of really chomping get heat right away because you don't have the pyro and you don't have the music to any of the crowd I should say warring to really get people into the match Richard thanks so much as always yeah I always enjoyed being the Metrojet in but it is Richard Deitsch with us here on the Tuesday arrest in Tuesday's sports media podcast.

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