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Thousands of dollars a year subscribing to ourselves as a fun and we do go services for on court folio then introduced them to the pr companies. When they outgrow our in that that kind of works than we coached them up about how to do a lot of it themselves. So that's that's something. And then you asked a common thread amongst blockchain companies. In what what they're ins they're looking at and things like that. I mean i think it's it's we're coming to to a bit of a head right. Like defy blew up over corona right now over quarantine he's corona times I think partly because things accelerated a heated up because we're all home. And i think that that's what's happening. Same is happening with nfc's now. I think it's partly this This we're all staying home. I actually had a talk with one of the founders of open see the other day and they said something that stuck into my head they said. Do you think we'd see this much growth in sales in. Nf tease if every time you bought ministy you connect to your actual fiat bank account to purchase the nfc and an absolutely not. We wouldn't right because we even though we know we could send our theory them or die or usd c. or whatever. We have a bitcoin in our wallets to a centralized exchange and money in our bank account. And sometimes we do that right as consumers users. It still feels like funny money. Like tokens right. I'm being like arcade tokens riley cheese. Or whatever you want to all when we deal and you know. I've spent money on. Nf nfc's hundreds of dollars on an nfl thiede Spur of the spur-of-the-moment gut decision. But if i actually had to pull out cash or go to my bank and take money to do it as never never bought a piece of artwork for hundreds of dollars before. And i bought for a lot of money before i bought things like that right but never did that before but with nfc. Somehow i i do. And maybe that's a cultural shift. Or whatever but i see a lot of folks heading in in those directions right. Ns tease of course.

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