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For football speak strictly football. That's what drives NFL guys. I mean money, of course, playing and you know, being competitive and loving the game. I think a lot do not all but a lot. Do. But your obligation For the guys in the locker room that you see every single day. That's why guys go out, hurt and take pain injection, and that's that's part of the reason. So once you learn that, I think you you that's I think for me, at least that carries over to other aspects of my life. If you have a responsibility Or an obligation about how you look at it. You know what? You gotta show up. You gotta go to work. You gotta show up every single day. Yeah, and I'm accountable to you and you're accountable to me. We're accountable to our team, Our broadcast team, and so that's what you do. That's what you show up. Whether you you don't feel good or not. You're going to do your job. Don't you think it's kind of a distraction as well? Like You have. You're going to think about whatever that horrible thing that happened to you. All the time when you're not there, So it's kind of like a welcome distraction to do something that you love. Keep your mind off of it for that time being definitely. Yeah, definitely. It was for me and Indianapolis. I know that. It was healing for me. I spent the whole day in the hotel room crying in bed on. Dave knows this. Yeah. And then once we got to the stadium, I could focus on something else. And it was uplifting for me and you had pneumonia. That game. You could barely talk that game. That was the only that was only season. Any banquet I've ever missed is the head coach in high school. Yeah, this is your 28. The Doc said. You know what? You're either gonna lay in the bed for two days. If you want to do that game on Thursday and not talk at all, or you're not going to work, so 3037138585 texture from the 719361. My Cobb was on the Bangles roster 1977. Yes, sir. Or ma'am, whoever you texted that, Yeah. Mike Mike played believe four years in the league. He went from the Bangles to the Bears and then went to the USFL. Where he wanna champion ship there with the Michigan Panthers. And did really well in the USFL. He was more of a blocking tight end in the NFL, he became a pass catching tight end. For the USFL. Michigan team, not your brother in law. That's my brother in law's brother. My brother in law. That's his brother, His brother White. No. My cub that pops up the tight and football player pops up white. He's not like Ah! Catfish. You know, Catfish got three all 3482 Dave. How about the dedication from your partner missing his sister's wedding rather than Mr Broncos game? Yeah, obviously. Just just talking about that. That's what you do. Yeah, that's what you mean. I didn't want to miss my sisters. No, but I let her know going in. She moved it from May to August to October. And I said When she moved it in in August, I said there's a chance a man I may not be there. Yeah, I said I'm gonna do everything I can I get back to the well, maybe that's you know. Not trying to hurt your feelings. Maybe she and her now husband talked about it and said that we really have to have Rick officiate the wedding. E. I don't know 719. Just kidding. Brother 361 is fat fishing. Ah thing question Mark cropping out or sucking in the old gods for your dating profile picture probably doesn't do it. I would think so. Everybody does that. Everybody puts. No one puts a picture. That's just I don't think anyone now puts pictures up that have Been like highlighted or nobody's putting up a picture they taking in 2020 in the middle of this mess, Garantia. Everybody should be be required to put a picture up. Of them at their worst. Yeah, nobody would ever get a date. Well, nobody, You know, because that's what you're gonna look like most of the time, Like, take a picture of yourself When you first get out of bed in the morning..

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