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And then too bad. But the limits get loosened phillips between one project and another. The day stretched out in front of him. Mt and inviting days to waste away. Turn into days spent wasted alcohol's gentle womb doesn't quite cut it and neither does the folk of prescription pills heroines. Embrace welcomes him back. Philip stone co sobriety was only a few months ago but slowly heroin pills him out of family life so we have sunday tuxes but his demons. Don't go away. They hide just beneath the surface pulling him back down into the docket steps. He knows the risks. The heroine's changed but he's changed. The drug comes cuts with tepe. Powerful painkillers now. His body is flabbier. he's heart. We are them when he used but that doesn't matter logic con stand in the way of his next kick. He's still filming. He's playing the director of a deadly dystopian game. Show the hunger games. He rains down death and plays with. Contestants lives just like his own word is getting out. One time he calls a reporter from atlanta where the final hunger games is being shocked but he slurring sentences fizzle into nothing names places and people a lost in the haze but the end. The.

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