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Jeffrey lewis the founding publisher of the arms control junk log at a professor at the middlebury institute of international studies at monterey. I imagine stein director research at the foreign policy research institute. Doing erin i'm okay. How are you yeah not bad. Got to check out our new dorm. The institute is building. Would you have liked to have had a dorm. You're a student here. No actually i would. Dorm days for over i might university. We had to spend two years in the dorms. And that was enough for me. I think i would have said that. But you know housing prices here have gotten so crazy and it is so hard to find a short term rental That i think a dorm is going to be a really nice solution for students. Plus it's next to the finest french bakery in the entire world. Is that the one trader. Joe's yeah parker lucielle. Their actual bakery bakery is located right next to the dorm. And there's a mountain bikes in case. You want some pizza. Oh that says okay all right so all right. I remember that the apartments i was looking were not very nice and very expensive. So maybe i'll recalibrate my thinking taking myself back decade. I mean the other advantage of having the dorm is that we can recruit Bright young things who have gps skills and can play around with who will stuff like synthetic aperture radar. That's a great segue to what we want to talk about today. Which is the case. Study of auto center open source intelligence and looking at the story of russia's cruise missile. And all the fun stuff that you guys are doing with synthetic aperture radar or sar. Yeah man this was pretty wild So i don't know the whole story. This is one of those pods. Where i'm kind of going to be surprised on air here as you walk us through this case study because there were reports that they were going to test fire sky fall again right and where the source of those reports although the russians you know. Put down a lot of breadcrumbs themselves. So it isn't. It isn't appear act of open source. Luther but russia has this nuclear powered cruise missile which several people have dubbed a flying chernobyl. Which is a really crazy idea. I mean it uses a standard rocket booster to accelerate the cruise missile up to speed but then in theory You use the heat from the reactor In the same way that you would use the fuel to make combustion in order to You know suck in the air combusted and then propel the cruise missile so like if that works that's a cruise missile with infinite range The us looked at doing this in the fifties. The us decided not to do this. Because at least our design you don't exactly know what their designers but at least our design your blowing air through an open nuclear reactor which seems undesirable from a environmental and human health perspective. That's right but this few humans up where the russians are testing this right. So they tested up at nevada's emily a- right which is this Arctic archipelago Which has a lot of interesting qualities..

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