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Are you all good morning I'm crazy circuit yelled at by taking the dog up property was trying to think of that we do we have a dog and I'm sure there has been well you know when it happens and when we lived in the city and and I feel like people would not not gonna do its thing there's not a lot of grass so it's kind of like on the sidewalk and nearly cried hi low hi I would always maybe I'd be sad could be a city dog and just doing it this is great conversation right at seven o'clock in the morning but anyway we we have two dogs we have a twelve and a half year old dog and so who is the greatest dog which is getting old and it's really kind of sad to see his decline I was at the vet recently in the cities of geriatric I can see that beats ours was ours is a senior and I like that and I guess it has something to do with the size of the dog you know when the power they categorize the age of the dog and so he takes like a supplement for his hips and now we finally started to my little medicine for his arthritis because poor guys have a hard time getting up and down I mean at some point you know like okay what kind of life we have to start but he is just Russ sweetest you know he comes in New Jersey you know you've been around and he's all he wants is attention shop at his nose at your leg and you know and so it's going to be set up but here's the thing that worries me the most we also have a little bitty dog what kind of dog is it because it no it's a it's a no it's a show that was my dot net your dog he's a I should say right I won't say that on the radio and now you can easily right and I know I've just put down this past week awful I now it really is that it was my mom's not so it's not like we're here to wake everybody up and really put this is great like this is the reason why I want to crawl long ends of sites ends is a big dog right he's probably I don't know what is the sixty seventy pounds you know tall black member doodle he's it's like when you put the stock it's like you're heading a fleece blanket if he's just good is that right but when the little dog who my wife loved this little dog I mean and I do too she's a great dog and she talks about well you know when it's go and I mean she doesn't say it like in a matter of fact now we can travel with the flow that's the little box don't wanna be first of all I never wanted to be the six foot three guy walking the little tiny dog guys my site should be walking dogs like that but the number that nice dog and she's a fun though she's real good got it now this is my life I'm gonna be going on an airplane with the dog in the basket and you know who's gonna be caring who's going to carry the basket you I'm going to carry the basket we're gonna go to Florida with the dog and your wife always make sure that she has little bows in her ears which makes me laugh what have you that I am going to turn my man card it I've and that's it I'm just gonna hold to the wherever the main card offices and say Sir we take this man part of puts impose in my hair daughter make a host for your birthday with that like something about how happy birthday to a man who said he would never have a little dog and then it was like picture after picture after picture of you with the little I don't know what happened to me there's some something's going on I'm like become but is that it do they still use the term metrosexual I'm I don't know I don't know if there but if they ever use it I know where you're going with it and I would agree thanks a lot eight hundred eight four eight W. A. B. C. or not just to talk about dogs were to talk about what I love this new Lou two were talking about and it has nothing to do with the product itself but why it was invented it's really cool I love that and it's a really neat thing to feature so pay attention to that that's coming up and then okay mosquitoes huge problem is Lindsey wrote to me in her inter letter it's full beast mode I mean they are I walk the dogs last night and I'm pretty sure that I didn't walk them because the mosquitoes pick me up and I was like floating around like Mary Poppins op and I didn't think people bugs grand we're gonna talk without company out in northeast New Jersey and how we can kind of keep them at bay coming up a little bit later.

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