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I've had arguments with some of my football fan friends. Former teammate some guys, they're not high on fields from Ohio State. I am I think What is it with the things we've seen in the Maura adoption of the college game into the NFL? And, of course, Mark Jackson with the Baltimore Ravens being maybe the best example. Stuff that that guy could do is unbelievable. And for years I was one of these guys is that you can't do that in the NFL. You'll get hurt. You just can't do it eventually going to get hurt. You're gonna get hit. But that mentality and the reality is changing. I think fields translates to the NFL really well, and I think you will. By the way, he changed his name to Justin. Not Kevin. I don't know. I'm just e heard that Go, Kevin Fields like who the hell is he? You know he's gonna be drafted second. I don't know who that guy is. It would be Justin Fields. For those of you keeping track on the huge check the name scoreboard as we talk to Doug Scheme. The former five time Michigan Big 10 champion offense of Lyman late eighties early nineties, joining us on the draft Kings Guess sign here in the huge show. Prosperity. Yeah, You know what? Kevin Fields could go second to the Jets. And you? You didn't miss it Be. Maybe Michigan's get a real re signed Jacob par ball like a baby. Justin. Hard boy. Kevin Fields. I'm I'm really trying to do the math. How I got covered out of any part of our conversation. There hasn't been a coven mentioned. Oh, my Lord, And I just went and then you you went right, And I don't think you heard Gavin just heard the end. You know, it's just in fields. But, yeah, that it really is interesting because in hard boss play can be Hale's the holidays. It's early January. The NFL season ends, you know, for Teams that are going to be looking for head coaches this weekend. He could find out in a hurry of someone's gonna hire him. They don't want it to get out to their season is over. They can't do it. For NFL rules. And if it doesn't work out, he then says, Am I to take the three year extension? So Harbaugh is really in a no lose situation, right? Well, yeah, I think either way Jim comes out. Pretty good here, but I'm going to be a little selfish here as a former Michigan player and fan of Michigan. I want what's best from Michigan. Dang it and and you and I talked before Christmas. I'm ready for a change his head coach at Michigan, I'm ready for a new piece of leadership. I'm ready for a total reset. I think this program is ready for it. It's right for it again. As I said, we talked before Christmas Bill. I absolutely trust war manual. He's going to do its best from Michigan and the program and I'll be behind war to Michigan. No matter what he chooses. But if I had my choice Hit the reset button. Wish Jim the best send him off to the NFL to go chase the Super Bowl and start over in Ann Arbor. I'm with you. I say that to everybody flipping coordinators. And when I heard the Dom Brown story I'm like that doesn't work. We'll go up the road up 75 23, Then over To Pontiac. Maybe keep going over to Ford Field. I might be lost right now. In Detroit. I'm like directions because I got to go. Come on. Go, go, Go, go, go! Yeah, man Harbor. Hey, Where's Ford Field? I'm here that over. Bill, Can you help me? Yeah. Go up 23. Go to parties like Wait a minute. They thought the Silverdome now you gotta jump in the crown. Now you got to go back down. 75 Good luck with that traffic. There's construction every half mile. You'll get to Ford Field, probably in a good 10 to 12 hours. Yeah, that's called. Hey, Who are you? I'm the human GPS. Hey, Bill. We're here in the ER. But we were just looking at the big house taken photos. Can you help us? Get the Ford field? Yeah. Go up, 23. Then cut over. You. Don't wait for it. The Harlan exit. Go straight down, 43, You'll pass the silver done. Wait a minute. They blow it up. Now you gotta go up by Great Lakes crossing where you wait nine hours and every light Then get out. 75. What is going on? Oh, my God. I think aliens have taken man. I'm like a walking model with right now. It's between Christmas and New Year's. You know, we're all certain every said Hey, how you doing, Bill? My name's Kevin fields. You know, I'm gonna be drafted second. Could you give me directions from the Big house? When you go up 23 the harlot exit. Okay, hit that Burger King because, you know, they got two for one whoppers and go down. On. You'll see a big down. Wait a minute. Oh, hi, you know Here's what I want, and I get it's the holidays. This has been lingering before the holidays. I just want a damn decision for the Lions and for Michigan. That's it. That's all I want. You're gonna I think you're gonna get a decision and in Ann Arbor hopefully a lot sooner than you will for the Lions were pretty hot and heavy about who the coach is gonna be. They gotta hire a general manager that that's not you gotta do the order properly here, you know, And I'm sure Stillman will be heavily involved. I, by the way. In all seriousness. I think I think the world of Chris Spielman, I've always been a fan of Chris Spielman. I think that's a great higher for the lions that will help them get going in the right direction. If he's allowed to have the voice he should have. And that organization which I think he will. I don't think you could take the job if he thought it was just gonna be a name on a paper somewhere. You get the right general manager who makes the right decisions, get your person now team lined up correctly. Then you can go out and find the right coach. That's going to collaborate properly with that personnel decision making department and now you've got a chance, but that's gonna take some time and then harbor Heck, we gotta coaches got one year left on his deal. We've got a coaching staff that appears to be making some changes. Who knows what's going on? This makes this makes a far less sense than what's going on in Detroit with the Lions. We should have an answer in Ann Arbor soon and like I said earlier every day that goes by Plausibility and the like likeliness that there's a new coach in Ann Arbor come next fall gets a little bit better, and we keep saying that Harbaugh's holding all the cards. But what if word manual already has his guy from another school that hasn't finished their season? And he's waiting. They they've agreed on the move day, whatever it is, or word manuals doing this on his own. Who's to say that Ward doesn't have a plan? Because if you're a former Wolverine five time big 10 Champion offensive lineman late eighties early nineties because of the red shirt year, and you're thinking it's time for a change. You know, many people have to be calling word manual who's also a former Wolverine saying the same thing. Yeah, I'm sure Ward is hearing from God knows who I could tell you. I'm not one of them. Uh, I don't. I don't bug war to tell him how to do his job, and I'm sure he's going to do a fine job of it. But I have thought of that Bill. I have thought Maybe war manual is the sly fox, exactly not and in wars, the one who's playing the cards right and work toward us. And what doesn't want to be the guy that has to be perceived as firing his own former captain, one of the great players in Michigan history. And Ward doesn't want to be the guy to put the put the light out on the Harbaugh era. There's bees will be some hard feelings there, and it won't be the best look for Michigan. But maybe just maybe Ward is the guy who's gonna kind of nudge Jim that maybe take a peek and maybe nudge him in a way, either directly or indirectly to get him to go take a look or get his agent to go make a phone call or two and see if there's something out there so that that end result can be Everybody's satisfied. There are minimal hard feelings. We want the best for Jim. Jim wants the best for Michigan and we all get what we want in this. Ward is orchestrating all of that. And that's why I told you earlier. I trust him about what he does and then be behind Ward manual because I love Michigan. If Ward needs a GPS signal from the big house.

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