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Not sabotage me. If you want to be in lightweight, then that's your call, But do not sabotage me, Captain. You got it. And if they want to drink merlot, we're drinking my love. Listen, I am not drinking any merlot. Okay, relax. Miles. No, that's just know Marlo. Two middle aged men taking a bachelor's road trip to wine country. Yeah, Sideways. Yes. Savior. Yeah, That's Paul Giamatti and you Google e no idea. She didn't apology money and who's the other voice? Um, the guy that was in that divorce movie right with her TV show with Sarah Jessica Parker would be a real son. That's Who's that voice was He's been on our show before. It's not what he is Somebody who is that it's zlook in enough right now. Thomas J. Yes, Thomas Hayden Church, a church? Yeah, he was sure he was fantastic. Yeah. He's confusing. Those two are kind of like Thomas, Jayme and Thomas Hayden Church. Yeah, yeah, they've got they've got the same thing in common. You should say that. Let's go ahead. Well, hello back in sales, I think OK, so so when that happened, Philip Seymour Hoffman wasn't he and that as well as Paul Giamatti. Sander. Oh, got divorced from her has been right after this. That was our first year at the sex was the year of sideways. Philip Seymour Hoffman. No, but he want to say that your friend your meds and yes, she was in it. But then she member her. But Philip Seymour Hoffman won the sag that year for playing that writer. Capote. But okay, the first year of this, it wasn't on and then he died like the next year. Just Buzz Kill Betty today talking about the Depression after the royal wedding. You're both that it could happen. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Can you name to joy I should be. You shouldn't be obeying a dungeon. Okay? Can you name this vacation movie from 2010, based on these snippets from critics reviews This sequel rips the heart and soul out of the franchise woefully unfunny and narcissistic. That's in the city, too. Yeah, Very good. That's good. Lauren has a rating of 16 on rotten tomorrow, but it's so good. Don't believe it. Did second line. The funny one liners. The second one was. There is only two. Yeah, It's hysterical. Samantha and her hot flashes and it's hysterical. I just watched it. Yeah. It's still delivers. Laurie, But do remember that, like 70% of movie critics are hated our guys. Yeah, that's right. Oh, gosh, That movie's funny, but they hated Miranda. You know they hated the movie, The wedding planner, right? Hello and Matthew Makani. We love a lot of people want to snuggle up on a Saturday if they don't win Oscars, But that's a snuggle movie that people remember a long time like, you know. Museum. Alabama Exactly alien movies. Yeah. All right, 323, Julia, we got maybe, And on this one, okay? The tiebreaker. Um I'll play a sound bite from a 1991 Bill Murray movie. And your name. It's sailing sailing down, Daddy. No. God's healing and I'll tell you, you best go and Wilson. I'm gonna read you a description from I am DBS, A successful psychotherapist played by Richard Dreyfuss loses his mind after one of his most dependent patients and obsessive compulsive neurotic played by Bill Murray. Tracks and down to his family vacation. It's not Goodbye, girl. It's Richard II even know I did, the analyst No. The therapist if you don't get it, I do. I have any idea what about Bob? Okay, Okay. I had to see that movie because I was dating someone at that time that we had. I hated that movie. That's a terrible title of you hated that movie. Okay, guy flick. Here we go in the 1960 movie Where the boys are right, boys there somewhere. We talked her down four college girls had the Fort Lauderdale Baba blah. This song is being sung by corn checked out. Rosa Maria Franco,.

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