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Blindside tackle guess at. He's he's also super super quake the way the the way that his is is. Footwork is just impeccable. The way that the way that he can kind of change angles someone of his size playing on the offensive line should not move as well as he does. He is so athletic. People do not get through. I'd love i'd love to see and it could happen. That could make the playoffs. I i wanna see cave on tobacco coming up against because they are to kind of like immovable objects very very very tough like the one downside on him. If you want to call it is that he's is prime. Wait now you. You wouldn't want to get any bigger if louis c. Sixty as well. So he's probably a bit bigger in terms of kind of like this sort of the the. I don't want any big a. He's he's perfect as he is now. I could imagine a situation where the jets have the first overall pick. They're like we need someone to make sure that. Zach wilson can actually have the time to throw the ball. You know you need to whether you believe in zach wilson on ought to give him a chance. You've gotta make sure he's really really well protected. So if you've got a young quarterback and you are rebuilding than ever evanilson player. Who you would love to just have that kind of building block and if you look at that because he 'cause i understand it you will be a better place to expand on this but i understand that he played on on the right side of the line and then they switched to blindside tackle. If you investing a top ten top five pick in in a tackle. We talked about this a lot over the years. Having we that there is one of the reasons why it is more sensible. Play to take tackle. Eat the degrees of bust. I guess that even if they don't walk out as a left tackle assuming you'd have to and you have radical tobacco a blindside tackle that they can switch to. The right are even move down the line to god and you can get a serviceable eight. Ten year career out of a pilot data at a reasonable level. Now if you spent a top five overall pick that isn't ideal but it's better than a received e taken two years and in kiel harry style just isn't walk it out tool and and it's that much more of a an obvious bust with someone like neil coming into the pros. Dc that he will go to a team like the jets or a team that feels that they comfortable on the blindside tackle and play a few years on the other side. And is that okay to waste spending a pick on on that type of jude extra. Not that he didn't work out. So you moved him consciously bring him in a play on the other side of the line. I think that if you if you feel that your set left tackle then maybe you would use your draw collateral elsewhere rather than because you feel you can get better value on a right tackle somewhere else. Now he can play and has play. He's played at god. He's a freshman. He was a god. I think it was credited with not allowing a single sack in freshman season then. He went to right tackle and this year. He's doing left tackle now. The reason that movie morale isn't really anything that he's done. It's where they had plays leave. Oh players plays drafted so they wanted so when alex leatherwood. Alex leatherwood moved. They they put they put neil day instead. And you kind of have really. Haven't really miss the beat properly now. Alabama's alabama and. They're the best team in the country again. They look more fallible than they did. Lauch lost they were upset. Young real it was one of the best alabama teams of all time. And that's that's saying a lot now evans. Good good game against florida last week..

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