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A breaking Brits knows like the storyline kind of lineup. Right Is I was. I was surprised at how soon they pulled the trigger but then afterwards I was like it makes sense. I'm fine with it. I actually really enjoyed this match which this may have been my favorite Awa women's match. It may not be on the level of what the women exte- and in Ron smackdown to but for eighty w this was probably one of the better matches. I've seen from the Windsor Vision. Fast forward to download saw Moore sheet an action. She defeated Kristie. Jane's in a singles match and Outside of Brubaker. Not much more to write about in regards to the women's division from eight W In the last couple of days coming off a dynamite next shoe was Jon. Moxley defending the Awa World Championship over Mr Brodie Lee Jon. Moxley gets the victory I thought this match dragged for a little bit. Despite the physicality to finishing sequence was really good it was an extremely physical match. I liked how they protect. Mr Brody Lee by kicking out of out of to Paradigm Shifts Which we have not seen often in a W and took a rear naked choke choke to beat. Brody Brody never tapped out ref to stop the match so that protected Brodie Li like I said be for the first ten minutes of the match. Dr Troy I thought I dragged but those final five minutes was was very very solid unenjoyable match as Jon Moxley retains the Awa World Championship. You know it's funny. I the way you you presented that the first ten minutes of dragged. Alas closing was really good You Randy Orton matches. And who is somebody that both those guys worked a lot with me randy or you know. So it's kind of like that to me was a randy Orton. Wwe esque match kind of slow in the beginning. Gray closing sequence. Lot Of physicality It kind to me. I enjoyed the match because it was kind of like. Oh this reminds me of what I see on in. Wwe And in how things are put together like everything kind of made sense as to why they went for one transition. Move why this one to this one this this one so I I really enjoyed the match. you know wasn't like there was a if there was a crazy spot it. They went for a pin. Like it wasn't just doing stuff doing stuff so I enjoyed the match. And I also like you. I enjoyed how they made sense to protect Brody League So moxie comes out looking. Good Brody League bad ass still So I thought it was good work. I'm just not. Is it weird. That I'm not a fan of brody lease gear in the ring though because I feel like I don't know it doesn't match exalted. One like the robe looks great but the gear. She kinda almost matched the road to a sense. I don't know maybe it's me. Yeah it looks a little weird I do agree with you on that one Next year is the stadium stampede match as Matt harding elite Took on the inner circle. the Matt Heart in elite. Get the victory in the state of San He'd match. I thought this was a very fun entertaining match a thought..

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