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Physicians have merged somewhat Inca that become very similar. And I think you're actually on notice From during of the the advent of political polling. Now which is just to the clinical landscape. I think on a week to week basis. It's not too late in the reading. Your Book Norman. I mean I was thinking to myself you know you think about it from nodding. I one when we become an independent state right through to the outset. The outbreak of World War One nine and fourteen. The country had ten prime ministers mass extrordinary from nineteen sixty six to nine hundred seventy two so from that period after menzies resigned. Just been talking about two nodding seventy two when it came to power. This was the heart of Vietnam War. We had six prime ministers. So doesn't that indicate that long tenures menzies there? An aberration and instability. Is the politics. Well some insane to me now I think we if we look back on the night off the Commonwealth before the The two party system was established. We we still prime ministers come and go Defeated on the floor of the House and I think that was an ability with its own particular explanation and he grew up in the nineteen fifties. Mike Marciel book means. We seem to be prime minister forever. He seemed to be a big strong landscape and he was just what the prime minister should was all about and to electric stinks to the prime ministership of John Howard. So you're writing pointed the longevity something of an aberration but quite remarkable prime ministership Saito. Indeed my guess is Norman ABC Johnson. He's author of the Manning of that manner of the going to the title of the book. The manner of their going. It's about prime ministers and the white I leave power. I liked reading about James Scotland. Prime Minister from nineteen twenty nine. He's elected around the time of the Wall Street crash until nineteen thirty one these tumultuous times and he was asked. Lyda lighter in light of US where they rod he's memoirs twitchy replied quite in nearly killed me to live through it. It would kill me to write about it. I love that law now so more often than not. The voters kicked prime ministers out of office Can you can you name them? All of your head Norman. Well Predicted any second time. He served three terms and refresher who will serve three. Times was feet of you. The polls in the Second Term Joseph Cook Stanley Melbourne Bruce. Jin Skeleton Been Chiefly. Bill McMahon Impreza Kaeding John Howard given rotten day. Now three promises Dodd in office who would I Joseph? Lyons in thirty nine nine hundred. Forty five and unfortunate. How about halt drowning in light? Sixty seven five were defeated on the floor remind US George Raid of the Commonwealth Quick Watson the first Labor prime minister hundred thinking twice suffered that sites Hendrick Fisher in each first term and the most recent was out in nineteen twenty one and of course some promises when not bother ironside. Tillis him Hitler we into treachery secret getting to the real the real the real the blood loss of politics. Would I believe who later? Akaki and joining the nationalist He was removed from office. Because the country probably will be coalition. What's he been a leader? Bob Menzies Nicklaus incarnation in nineteen. Forty one Joey John Gorton in nine hundred seventy one hoax the most accessible Labor prime minister will. I'm in in Nineteen Ninety nine one seven Rodney first. Prime Ministership She's successor Julia. More recently tiny. Abbott Nicholson alone leaks victims and I've really rapidly developed in recent. Tom's of course the one prime minister we haven't mentioned here of course is Gough Whitlam. He was dismissed by the Governor General. And you rise the possible American role in the dismissal in nineteen seventy five now in his review of your book in the Australian the former Labor Senator Steven loosely. He says quote pastas on this program. Loosely says quote neither the C. I. Nor any other agency luckily played a primary or sinister hand in toppling. The struggling with government Stephen Loosely. Further nights quote the Australian establishment from Kurth rephrase it to chief justice SAGAAF. You'll bowie backed overwhelmingly by the strain. Media was more than equal to destroying the library administration. Norm Johnson well lupita smoking guns have been found? I mean It's been a conspiracy theory. If you like that. The the Americans had some hand in that but what is yet to be explained to the the visit to Australia briefly. Nine hundred seventy seven apple. Jimmy took from the Food Administration and Warren Christopher light it becomes secretary of state asked for making with Wickham. I think I missed the Sydney Airport so quickly up to Leave your position with. He's he's secretary. Richard Butler and Warren Christopher said Might a number of points about the Democrats being attornal coffee with the Labor coffee strength and so forth they made the statement according to Buckler. We just wanted to give you an a show that we will never again interfere in Australia domestic politics and it was a very great at according to Buffalo's account Richie guy even the next such whitland stay with them going into the column sit to that outcome right and According to Buckler was still shocked by the dismissal and the giants for their interference victim can sign anything. I mean that that's the closest thing to but it's never been explained why were in. Christopher would make those remarks so what I'm doing is canvassing the landscape you're making it insinuations. But I'm going to say we. We've never found the smoking gun. Look having said that Given series entirely circumstantial and we shouldn't forget line in culture bution. I mean the loans. Which badly handled the ministerial resignations? And that that will have to cut short because we are running out of time and that is another episode altogether. We'll get you back on but listen getting back to the question arises before the quiz question of the day on between the lines nine the one member of the Australian parliament who met Ramiz who is at the current time. But I believe it or not. It's Cain what the indigenous affairs minister. He met Robert Menzies the before. You met him in nineteen sixty four fascinating norman. It's great to have you on the program again. Many thanks as Norman ABC Johnson. He's author of the many of the going he paraphrase tolstoy at the end he says quote or prime ministers in office a similar but h leaves office in his or her own peculiar way. Well that's it for another week off between the lines. It's always great to have you company now. Remember you can download pasta episodes of the show on between the lines website. Or You can get them wherever you get your podcast remember. We've been doing this since two thousand fourteen. It'd be great to have you company again next week on Tom. Switzer can tune in again next week..

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