Folsom, Kcna, NFL discussed on Giants vs. Eagles


The expectations but through i really want folsom at kcna to to pick another quarterback or trade for another quarter i go i know i trust their talent evaluation in general wall is the number one is hack and berg was a guy that it did not develop final two years of penn state but people looked at his athletic ability and you could ask any scout in the nfl they'll tell you from the neck down that hackenbury has what you want i mean he's got the feet he's got certainly rank in his gut it's really between the years rise and inconsistent thrower the football but he can go out and he can certainly make all the throes but yes i think it is alarming dave when you look at it hackenbury does not play at all the next three games he's not going to play today unless something happens with brice patty down in new orleans against the scenes i think is alarming david when you look at him and say well two straight years i mean you you of redshirted yeah of redshirt in two years that christian hackett burge not gonna see any regular season game action i mean i think that tells you all you need to know about what this organisation and his brain trust feels of what happened can baby is that is an anomaly usually if your draft in the first couple of rounds the nfl draft and the first two years you're playing at some point in time no question that's something that we've always talked about that i would say at some point when you're drafting a player that potential has three church productivity and for a young player like hack and berg where we constantly heard well in his first two years under bill o'brien in his first two years under bill obrien well what about the last two years there were more important than why you drafted him and put him in this position tour here we are in two straight years were he's not even gonna get a single red during a live games so the evaluation process obviously in.

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